Bariatric-Friendly Desserts

Bariatric Desserts

Alex Brecher

Are you on a diet? Enjoy! Your weight loss diet after bariatric surgery may be strict, but there is plenty of room for bariatric desserts. At least, there is if you shop at The BariatricPal Store. It is a place filled with guilt-free treats that can satisfy any sweet tooth without making you stray from your post-op meal plan.

The thing is, it’s difficult to go back to liquids and limit yourself that much when you’ve got an affinity for desserts which aren’t always liquid. But here’s a thing you could use - a recipe or two that’s perfect for post-op recovery.

Bariatric Desserts as Part of Post-Op Dieting

At the core of post bariatric surgery nutrition is giving your body enough time to heal and readjust to the differences. This is why most of your eating will actually not be eating at all - it will be liquids, and later on you’ll get pureed foods and soft foods mixed in.

But you can still enjoy desserts and have your sweet tooth satisfied, as long as you stick to a few rules to make sure everything goes smoothly. Eventually, you’ll be able to go back to eating things like cheese cake, pudding or a cookie every now and then, but it does take some time.

The “Rules” for Bariatric-Friendly Desserts

Bariatric-friendly desserts need to be low in calories, sugar, and carbs so they do not interfere with weight loss or spike your blood sugar. They should often be high in protein to help you meet your target, which is sometimes challenging when your stomach pouch is so small. 

There are other smart choices for desserts. Individually packaged, single-serving choices can keep portions in check compared to eating a multi-serving bag or box at one sitting, for example. Plus, ready-to-eat or easily prepared healthy desserts can make you more likely to grab one of those instead of something less healthy.

Cakes and Cookies

Can you afford 300 calories and 30 or more grams of sugar in a piece of cake or bag of cookies? No way! Luckily, there are plenty of low-carb, high-protein choices at your fingertips. Protein Cookie flavors include Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle, Birthday Cake, White Chocolate Macadamia, and Oatmeal Raisin, while low-sugar Cake flavors include Blueberry, Carrot Spice, Banana Nut, Chocolate, and Birthday Cake. 

Post-Op Pureed Diet-Friendly Bariatric Desserts

The change in diet after weight loss surgery can be dramatic, but there are bariatric-friendly desserts that you can have as soon as you hit the pureed foods stage. That can occur within days or weeks of surgery. Protein Pudding and Protein Gelatin are sugar-free, and they have up to 15 grams of protein per serving. You cannot go wrong with flavors such as Strawberry BananaRaspberryMocha CreamDouble Chocolate, and New York Cheesecake, especially when you know they are part of your weight loss plan.

Fruit-Based Ideas

It is possible to have fruit for dessert while keeping it low in carbs and weight loss friendly. For example, what about dipping strawberries or banana slices into Calorie-Free Marshmallow or Chocolate Dip? Or, you can blend whipping cream with any of our liquid or powdered Sugar-Free Sweeteners for a keto-friendly topping, or melt Sugar-Free Chocolate to dip fruit.

Dessert for Breakfast (Or Any Meal)

Do you have a sweet tooth that wakes up early? Then start the day with dessert! As long as it is low in sugar and packed with protein, there is no reason not to start on a sweet note. You can try any of our Protein Cakes or Cookies, or low-sugar Rip Van Wafels, with Protein Peanut Butter, cottage cheese, or cream cheese, for example. Or, what about Protein Chocolate Chip Pancakes topped with Sugar-Free Syrup and melted Sugar-Free Chocolate? The possibilities are limitless.

Chocolate, vanilla, fruit, cinnamon, and more...whatever sweet taste you are craving, you can find a bariatric-friendly version of it at The BariatricPal Store. With hundreds of low-carb and sugar-free choices, you can have dessert every day, or more than once a day, while sticking to your weight loss surgery diet rules. Weight loss life can be a good life with our bariatric desserts!

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