Beyond Protein: More Products for Success for Bariatric Surgery Patients

Beyond Protein: More Products for Success for Bariatric Surgery Patients

Alex Brecher

Protein and fluids may be at the front of your mind when you are getting ready for or recovering from weight loss surgery, or following a serious weight loss diet. Getting enough of them can certainly help you lose more weight more healthily, but weight loss aids can come in other forms, too. The BariatricPal Store has products that can increase motivation, save time, and increase energy and metabolism during this important time in your life.

Bari-Buddy Bear

Everyone can use a hug when they are going home from surgery. What if that hug could not only give you an emotional boost, but also reduce the pain from your surgery wound? The  Bari-Buddy Bear is uniquely designed to do both. 

This supportive bear wears a shirt with an inspirational message of your choice: “A NEW BODY A NEW YOU A NEW LIFE” or “YOU ARE BARI SPECIAL.” It can serve as a reminder of your purpose.

Physically, the Bari-Buddy Bear can prevent pain as you are traveling home from the hospital after your surgery and as you recover. The shape is uniquely designed to support your abdomen as you are resting, and limit movement should you need to cough. 

Healthy Restaurant Eating

You may be on a liquid or restricted diet now and for a while, but the time will come when you will want to or need to visit restaurants. Those restaurant meals can be oversized, and there is no reason to pay for food you cannot eat. 

Instead, use the Bariatric Special Menu Request Card to get a meal that makes sense on your weight loss surgery diet. Depending on the restaurant, the card may allow you to order a half-sized meal or a meal from the kids’ or senior’s menu, or you could get a discount at buffets. A number of national chain restaurants honor the card, and you can ask your local favorite restaurants if they will, too.

Lip Moisturizer

It is simple, but Lip Moisturizer is so important when you need it. Your body needs extra fluid after weight loss surgery, and takes it wherever it can get it from, including your lips. In the hospital and beyond, you may notice your lips getting excessively dry. 

This Lip Moisturizer is 95% organic and 100% natural. It has the pleasant flavor of vanilla, and contains organic oils but no harmful parabens or petrolatum. Choose from blue or pink colors.

The BariatricPal Store has everything you need when getting ready for bariatric surgery and recovering from it, from liquid protein and bariatric vitamins to kitchen tools and recipe books. You may not realize the array of products that can make your weight loss journey easier tools until you see them, so browse The BariatricPal Store today to see how you can take another step towards success.

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