Broadbean Snacks for Weight Loss

Broadbean Snacks for Weight Loss

Alex Brecher

Snacks can be the perennial problem for dieters. Not only do they need to fill you up without filling you out, but they need to be tasty and convenient, too. Weight loss surgery patients can have the additional challenge of needing additional snacks due to small stomach size. You can never have too many good snack options, and AtLast! Crunchy Protein Beans are worth adding to your list, to your pantry, and possibly to your daily routine.

A Veritable Superfood

Did you know that people who eat more beans are more likely to be able to control their weight? Did you know that most people should eat more beans for optimal health? The main ingredient in AtLast! Crunchy Protein Beans is roasted fava beans (broadbeans). Feel good about that when you compare them to other salty snacks’ top ingredients, such as potatoes or corn in chips, or white flour in pretzels and crackers. Beans are known for their protein, fiber, and antioxidants. Nice choice!

Filling but Not Fattening

Reach no further than your next bag of AtLast! Crunchy Protein Beans when your stomach starts growling and your next meal is not in sight. They have the filling nutrients a snack should have to satisfy hunger for hours. With 7 grams of dietary fiber and 7 to 8 grams of protein, they can help tide you over until your next meal.

Each serving has only 100 calories, making them an absolute bargain. For context, consider that you would have to eat 640 calories’ worth of potato chips to get 8 grams of protein! AtLast! Crunchy Protein Beans have only3 grams of net carbs, so they will not cause carb cravings or blood sugar swings.

Flavors to Love

AtLast! Crunchy Protein Beans may be nutritionally sound, but how do they taste? We are so glad you asked. They taste fantastic, since The BariatricPal Store does not believe in compromising taste for nutrition. These are the flavors you can choose.

  • Sea Salt – simple and good.
  • Garlic and Onion – with real garlic and onion powder.
  • Sriracha – heat and garlic.
  • Ranch – creamy herbs and real spices.
  • Wasabi – crunch with a kick.

AtLast! Crunchy Protein Beans also come in a variety pack with all five flavors.

Snacks and More

Eat AtLast! Crunchy Protein Beans right from the bag wherever you are, or pair them with a healthy dip. You can also mix them with nuts, Protein Cereal, and Protein Pretzels to make a simple snack mix, or get more creative and use them in salads or on soup.

AtLast! Crunchy Protein Beans can do the trick if protein snacks are what you are after, but there is no need to stop there. The BariatricPal Store has Protein Chips, Protein Pretzels, and Protein Cheese Crisps to satisfy your salty snack urge, and Protein Cereal and Protein Cookies to munch on for sweet without sugar. Just consider us Snack Central!

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