Crazy Good Protein: Loopy Fruits Whey Protein Blend

Crazy Good Protein: Loopy Fruits Whey Protein Blend

Alex Brecher

Just when you thought all protein shakes were the same, along comes Spartan Whey Loopy Fruits Whey Protein Blend. From a novel flavor to carefully-selected ingredients to maximize protein benefits, this shake has it all for weight loss.

Protein and Weight Loss Benefits

Protein reduces hunger, supports lean muscle mass, and raises metabolism compared to most carbs. Are you getting enough? Each 1-scoop serving of Loopy Fruits Whey Protein Blend has 25 grams of protein. That is enough for a meal or snack, so no need to worry there. It comes with only 110 calories that you can easily fit into your meal plan.

A Pleasure to Use

A sweet blend of fruity flavors, Loopy Fruits Whey Protein Blend can give you a relaxing escape or a quick boost at any time of day. Mix it with water, milk, or another favorite beverage, or try it in oatmeal or cottage cheese for a more substantial meal.

Why Whey?

Loopy Fruits Whey Protein Blend gets nearly all of its protein from whey protein isolate and concentrate. Whey protein is a high-quality protein with all of the essential amino acids. Plus, it is quick to absorb in your body.

Many products use any protein they can, which can mean depending on incomplete proteins or casein. Casein is slow to absorb, which can be a problem if you have a malabsorptive type of weight loss surgery such as duodenal switch. Milk protein is another common choice, but beware: 80% of milk protein is casein.

High without the Sugar

Remember that burst of energy you may have gotten when you were a kid when you had a bowl or two of fruit-flavored “O” cereal? You may remember your parents telling you to calm down! That hyperactivity was a sugar high that came from the 10 grams of sugar in each cup of fruity cereal (and how many cups did you have?). A full third of that cereal is sugar! Loopy Fruits Whey Protein Blend can give you a thrill and longer-lasting energy with only 1 gram of sugar.

AstraGin Herbal Blend

Loopy Fruits Whey Protein Blend has AstraGin to increase absorption. The blend has astragalus, which is often taken to stabilize blood sugar and energy. It also has panax or Asian ginseng, known for its potential to sharpen your mind.

Try Them All

Check out the other flavors of Loopy Fruits Whey Protein Blend. You will find decadent dessert-y protein powder flavors, such as Chocolate Ice Cream, Double-Stuffed Cookies and Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Peanut Butter Cup, as well as other cereal-inspired flavors, such as Cinna Crunch, Jacked Apples, and Krunchy Krisp.

Loopy Fruits Whey Protein Blend comes in 2-lb. and 5-lb. containers, with 27 or 67 scoops per tub. You will have enough to enjoy it any time of the day!

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