Sugar-Free Baking with Andrea’s Mixes

Sugar-Free Baking with Andrea’s Mixes

Alex Brecher

Have you given up on baking at home because of the sugar and carbs? Now you can have your fresh-baked cake and eat it, too. Andrea’s Protein Cakery Mixes are low-sugar and protein-packed, so you bake have your favorite desserts at home whenever you want. Low-carb weight loss has never been easier or more fun!

Great Low-Carb Nutrition

Andrea’s Protein Cakery Mixes are high in protein and sugar-free. Each serving of Andrea’s Protein Cakery Cake Mixes has up to 15 grams of protein and 8 grams of dietary fiber, while the Cookies have up to 11 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber. The protein is from quality sources such as whey protein isolate. The Cakes, Cookies, and Frosting have no more than 4 grams of added sugar per serving.

Andrea’s Protein Cakery Mixes may be sugar-free and great-tasting, but they have nothing artificial in them. They are sweetened with natural sweeteners such as inulin and stevia, and have quality ingredients such as vanilla, sea salt, and chocolate. They are gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.

Cookies for Snacks and Desserts

Andrea’s Protein Cakery Cookie Mixes come in Chocolate Chip, made with teff flour, Double Chocolate, and Sugar Cookies, made with oat flour. They have 100 calories as packaged, and you can make them in the microwave or oven using butter, nut butter, or water. Try these cookies for a high-protein snack or dessert, or consider them a guilt-free guilty breakfast when you pair them with fruit or cottage cheese.

Andrea’s Protein Cakery Cookie Mixes have 2 servings per bag and are available as single bags or in the 12-serving value size. You can also purchase the Variety Pack with both flavors.

Cakes Anytime

Cake is good, and better when it comes without a slice of guilt. Andrea’s Protein Cakery Cake Mixes come in favorite flavors such as Vanilla, Double Chocolate, and Cinnamon Spice. Each is made with oat flour and has 100 to 110 calories per serving as packaged. Whip up fresh cake using applesauce, nut butter, or oil, and enjoy it for dessert or a snack.

White and Chocolate Frosting

Frost your cake or cookie to finish it off,, or even enjoy a spoonful of frosting on its own. Andrea’s Protein Cakery Frosting Mixes come in Chocolate, Vanilla, and a Variety Pack. You can make them as you wish.

  • With milk, for a thin icing that is perfect for cookies.
  • With milk and shortening for a rich frosting perfect for cake.
  • With whipped cream for a wonderful topping for berries.
  • With cream cheese and butter for cream cheese frosting.

Now you can bake again and eat your creations without guilt. Andrea’s Protein Cakery Mixes have natural ingredients, low amounts of carbs, and a filling dose of protein and fiber to help you stave off hunger and get the sweet taste you crave.

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