BariatricPal Portion Control Plate

BariatricPal Portion Control Plate

Alex Brecher

How much easier would weight loss be if you did not have to think about it so much? What if you had a plate that told you what to eat at each meal? Would you be able to stick to your diet more easily?

The BariatricPal Portion Control Plate lets you create your diet at a glance. Designed by nutritionists and weight loss surgery patients and experts, the plate is an all-in-one guide to healthy eating after weight loss surgery. Here is an introduction to the BariatricPal Portion Control Plate and how it can help you lose weight.

Attractive, High-Quality Plate

The BariatricPal Portion Control Plate is a 10-inch plate that can guide your choices at each meal. It is made from melamine and is dishwasher-safe. The plate has divided sections, each with attractive pictures to make your choices easier on the spur of the moment.

Emphasis on Protein

After weight loss surgery and on many weight loss plans, protein is a focal point. It reduces hunger, helps stabilize blood sugar, and helps maintain lean muscle mass. The biggest section of the BariatricPal Portion Control Plate is devoted to healthy protein. Just look at the pictures to see ideas such as salmon, chicken, eggs, and nuts for the protein part of your meal.

Vegetables and Salad

Fill up on non-starchy vegetables and salads without getting many calories. Raw or cooked, vegetables are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and lower in calories than any other food group. The BariatricPal Portion Control Plate has suggestions such as carrots, eggplants, and cucumbers - but you can use your imagination to fill up this part of the plate!

Grains and Other Carbs

In the right portions and with healthy choices, carbs can provide needed energy and essential nutrients. The BariatricPal Portion Control Plate has space for a small serving of well-chosen carbs, such as whole grains such as whole-grain bread, pasta, or cereal, starchy vegetables such as acorn squash, corn, or peas, and fruit.

Sample Meals

You can use BariatricPal Portion Control Plate to make any meal balanced and portion-controlled without hassle. For example:

  • Breakfast - eggs and cheese (protein), spinach and tomatoes (vegetables), and whole-wheat toast (grain/carbs)
  • Lunch - roasted chicken (protein), salad with lettuce and mushrooms (vegetables), and half a baked sweet potato (grain/carbs)
  • Dinner - grilled salmon (protein), steamed broccoli (vegetables), and brown rice (grain/carbs)

Make meal planning and weight loss easier with the BariatricPal Portion Control Plate. It can save you time and energy and give you the proportion of nutrients you need on your post-op or low-carb diet. Get enough to have them at home and work so you can have that balanced meal anytime.

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