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BariatricPal Portion Control Plate

BariatricPal Portion Control Plate 0

How much easier would weight loss be if you did not have to think about it so much? What if you had a plate that told you what to eat at each meal? Would you be able to stick to your diet more easily?

The BariatricPal Portion Control Plate lets you create your diet at a glance. Designed by nutritionists and weight loss surgery patients and experts, the plate is an all-in-one guide to healthy eating after weight loss surgery. Here is an introduction to the BariatricPal Portion Control Plate and how it can help you lose weight.

Attractive, High-Quality Plate

The BariatricPal Portion Control Plate is a 10-inch plate that can guide your choices at each meal. It is made from melamine and is dishwasher-safe. The plate has divided sections, each with attractive pictures to make your choices easier on the spur of the moment.

Emphasis on Protein

After weight loss surgery and on many weight loss plans, protein is a focal point. It reduces hunger, helps stabilize blood sugar, and helps maintain lean muscle mass. The biggest section of the BariatricPal Portion Control Plate is devoted to healthy protein. Just look at the pictures to see ideas such as salmon, chicken, eggs, and nuts for the protein part of your meal.

Vegetables and Salad

Fill up on non-starchy vegetables and salads without getting many calories. Raw or cooked, vegetables are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and lower in calories than any other food group. The BariatricPal Portion Control Plate has suggestions such as carrots, eggplants, and cucumbers - but you can use your imagination to fill up this part of the plate!

Grains and Other Carbs

In the right portions and with healthy choices, carbs can provide needed energy and essential nutrients. The BariatricPal Portion Control Plate has space for a small serving of well-chosen carbs, such as whole grains such as whole-grain bread, pasta, or cereal, starchy vegetables such as acorn squash, corn, or peas, and fruit.

Sample Meals

You can use BariatricPal Portion Control Plate to make any meal balanced and portion-controlled without hassle. For example:

  • Breakfast - eggs and cheese (protein), spinach and tomatoes (vegetables), and whole-wheat toast (grain/carbs)
  • Lunch - roasted chicken (protein), salad with lettuce and mushrooms (vegetables), and half a baked sweet potato (grain/carbs)
  • Dinner - grilled salmon (protein), steamed broccoli (vegetables), and brown rice (grain/carbs)

Make meal planning and weight loss easier with the BariatricPal Portion Control Plate. It can save you time and energy and give you the proportion of nutrients you need on your post-op or low-carb diet. Get enough to have them at home and work so you can have that balanced meal anytime.

Eat Clean with JiMMY! Bars

Eat Clean with JiMMY! Bars 0

Protein bars are one of the best snacks and meal replacement ideas after bariatric surgery. They provide a quick source of protein to help you stay on track with your protein goals for the day. I am always looking for more protein bars to try and I was extremely excited to try the JiMMY! Bars.

Before trying the bars, I reviewed the nutritional information and was pleasantly surprised to see how clean these bars are. The ingredient list is small, which means there is not a lot of added junk to the bars. They are all low sugar, high protein and are absolutely delicious!

I tried a few of the flavors and was highly impressed. The crispy consistency of the bars are very chewy and the flavors are very strong. The unique flavors are great because you can switch it up and not get tired of the bars.

They even have bars that aim to help certain things. For example, the JiMMY! Beauty White Chocolate Berry Bliss bar has a collagen boost to it which can help promote hair, skin and nail health. This one reminded me a lot of a fig and the consistency was a little different than the other flavors.

The Eye of the Tiger has 25g of protein and is focused on having more energy and recovering after workouts, including helping with muscle inflammation. The taste of this one has a strong peanut butter flavor and is a great source of protein after an intense workout.

Woke AF is in the cookies and cream flavor and it is known to give you energy and to help you feel awake in the morning. It includes caffeine from Guarana which is a natural caffeine plant. It also includes Omega 3 and MCT oils. Omega 3 oil may promote brain cell development and MCT oil may impact mental focus and performance. This is a great bar to have on hand, especially if you struggle to have energy in the morning.

All of the bars have an amazing flavor and are full of so much nutrition. As a weight loss surgery patient, you can’t go wrong with these bars!

Try yours today and use KIMH15 for 15% off your order!

Swap Unhealthy Potato Chips for Protein Potato Chips!

Swap Unhealthy Potato Chips for Protein Potato Chips! 0

Potato chips are one of my all-time favorite snacks. However, we all know how unhealthy they are. As bariatric patients, the last thing we need is the unnecessary carbs and fat found in potato chips. When I found the Healthwise Protein Potato Chips I was so excited. Could I really enjoy potato chips without all the guilt? Well, it’s true! 
Bariatric Friendly Cinnamon Fall Treat

Bariatric Friendly Cinnamon Fall Treat 0

Are you a cinnamon fan? Now is the time of year where pumpkin and cinnamon flavors and scents are everywhere. If you are looking for treats to help you through this fall season, look no further!

BariatricPal’s Cinnamon Protein Baked Squares are so yummy! They are the perfect treat and you don’t have to feel guilty about eating it. For one square, there is 170 calories, 19g carbs, 5g sugar and 15g protein. Finding a treat with this low amount of sugar can be tricky, so I was super excited to find this bar.

The flavor is amazing. The cinnamon is very strong, which I love. The icing on top is my favorite and it gives the bar a nice, sweet flavor to it. I love that it isn’t too sweet and I especially love that the sugar is so low. Many times, when I find a treat that is lower in calories and fat, the sugar is insane and it gives me dumping syndrome. As a bariatric patient, it is crucial that you stay away from high sugar foods.

Another thing I like about these bars is that they can act as a breakfast as well. They resemble a coffee cake, which makes me so happy because coffee cakes are one of my favorite foods in the world.

If you are looking for a treat, or even something you could use as a breakfast, I highly recommend that you try these amazing cinnamon bars.\

Try yours here:

* Use code KIMH15 for 15% off!*


Snack Idea after Bariatric Surgery: Chocolate & Caramel Protein Granola

Snack Idea after Bariatric Surgery: Chocolate & Caramel Protein Granola 0

I am a snack person! This is not always the best thing after weight loss surgery because it can be easy for us to get off track. I am constantly looking for snacks that won’t break me. I work a lot which means I am not always the best about eating nutritious meals. It is important for me that I find foods that I can easily take on the go that will help me hit my goals for the day.

Happy Labor Day from The BariatricPal Store! 0

Happy Labor Day from The BariatricPal Store! We hope you get the chance to enjoy a little extra leisure time this holiday weekend, whether you spend some quality time with friends and family or you take a few well-deserved peaceful moments for yourself.

If you do find yourself with a little down time and you are wondering what you can do for your weight loss, The BariatricPal Store has a few ideas for you! After all, this may be the last long weekend you get for a while as you dive back into your everyday busy schedule after a relaxed summer.

Set Your Goals

A long weekend marking the end of summer can be an ideal time to set your fall goals. If you had goals for the summer, you might want to start by thinking about them. Did you hit your goals? Which strategies worked, and what could you have done to get even closer to your goals?

Then set some goals for the next few months. For example, you might want to lose a few pounds or a few dress sizes, schedule your weight loss surgery, or participate in your first 5k fun run. Remember to make your goals challenging but realistic so you are motivated to keep working hard towards them as you see your progress.

Plan Some Menus

They say that failing to plan is planning to fail. There is a lot of truth to that saying, including when you are talking about weight loss. When you plan your meals ahead of time, it can be easier to get in the protein you need while sticking to your calorie goals. It can also be easier to shop for the healthy foods you need, and set aside the time you need to prepare them, and stash healthy snacks to use whenever you need them.

Even if you are not into regular daily meal planning, thinking about some possible menus that you could use in the future could actually turn in handy in a pinch. That way, you can know which healthy, high-protein meal or snack to turn to when you didn’t have time last night or in the morning to plan and pack for the day. You are far better off grabbing a yogurt from the fridge instead of a doughnut from the secretary’s desk, or heating up your own Protein Spaghetti and Meatballs for lunch instead of turning to the fast food restaurant down the street from work.

Menu planning is not always easy, but The BariatricPal Store is here to help. You can check out our meal plans complete with calorie and protein counts so you can be sure to stay within your nutrient goals. We have plans for each stage of the weight loss surgery diet, from liquids and mushies to solid foods. Weight loss surgery or not, you can also take advantage of our maintenance and back-on-track plans.

Stock Your Pantry

What happens when your kitchen cupboards are bare and your fridge is empty? You could end up with a carb-laden bagel or muffin from a drive-through coffee shop for breakfast, a burger and fries or oversized burrito for lunch, and Chinese take-out or a pizza for dinner. That is not your best bet for weight loss!

Instead, keep your kitchen well-stocked so healthy choices are always on hand. With a quick trip to the grocery store, you can end up with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables plus lean proteins such as chicken, yogurt, fish, and nuts. In the space of just a few extra minutes, you can stock your pantry with shelf-stable protein entrees and breakfasts that are ready within minutes. Omelets, oatmeal, pasta, and chili are just a few meals you can have at a moment’s notice. Just order them from The BariatricPal Store!

This Labor Day can be your chance to set yourself up for solid weight loss for months. With some goal setting, meal planning, and kitchen stocking, you can make sure you have what you need to start or keep losing weight just as you want. That’s cause for celebration, so Happy Labor Day!

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