Extra Weight Loss on International No-Diet Day

Extra Weight Loss on International No-Diet Day 0

May 6 is International No-Diet Day, but there is no dilemma. You do not need to choose between eating something satisfying and eating something healthy. To celebrate this day, we have gathered a few of our favorite no-diet diet products; that is, these are the store products that taste and feel indulgent, but are low-carb, low-sugar, high-protein, and diet-friendly.

Chocolate (and More Chocolate)

Chocolate is good, but simple “chocolate” is not enough for a No-Diet celebration. Bump it up a couple of notches with a Frosted Chocolate Fudge Brownie. This baked square is a brownie (chocolate) with chocolate chips (more chocolate) and drizzled icing (chocolate icing on the chocolate cake!). The single-serve package is ready to eat and has 15 grams of protein and only 5 grams of sugar. You can have it for breakfast with cream cheese or yogurt, or as a snack or dessert. Each box contains 7 servings.


Bacon. Is. Good. The effects of bacon are bad, at least when talking about weight. Take the good and leave the bad with an Epic Smoked Maple Bacon bar. The bars have smoky, uncured bacon and real maple sugar, but only 150 calories. Each bar has 15 grams of protein to satisfy hunger as it satisfies your taste buds. You can get the bars as a single bar or in a 12-bar box.


Cheese lovers, rejoice! No longer must you sneak a slice of cheese and damage your waistline by putting it on fatty, starchy crackers to get a good crunch. Now you can have your cheesy taste and your crunch all in one weight loss-geared bite with Bunker Hill Crunchy Cheese Crisps - Cheddar. They are made with 100% real cheese and have 1 gram of carbs and 10 grams of protein per serving, and you can have them as a ready-to-eat snack or part of a meal with soup, salad, fruit, or vegetables. Bunker Hill Crunchy Cheese Crisps also come in creamy Swiss, spicy Jalapeno, smoky Barbecue, and bright Chili Lime and are available in single bags or a 4-pack or 12-pack.


Cereal is so crunchy, delicious, addictive, and...guilt-laden. Who can resist eating the whole box, especially when it is sweetened? We’re definitely not against crunchy, or sweet, or eating the whole package. Just choose the right one! Take BariatricPal Chocolate Caramel Protein Granola, for example. With rich chocolate, wholesome oats, and caramel-flavored clusters, it has 130 calories and 11 grams of protein, and only 6 grams of sugar per individually-packaged serving. Each box has 7 packets.

On this day and every other day, you can eat great and lose weight. Just leave it to The BariatricPal Store to come up with the decadent flavors you love without the excessive carbs and calories. Whether you crave Ranch, Cheesecake, Pizza, or, just try searching our store for your favorite flavors to see what we have!

Sugar-Free Chocolate for All Tastes

Sugar-Free Chocolate for All Tastes 0

Chocolate versus weight loss. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, crispy chocolate, chocolate with peanut butter, chocolate with caramel…versus weight loss. Wait – why compromise? Chocorite Sugar-Free Chocolates let you have your chocolate and your weight loss, too.

What You Miss with Sugar-Free Chocolate Candies

Let us start with some of what you miss out on when you choose Chocorite Sugar-Free Chocolates instead of regular chocolate candies and candy bars.

  • Up to 300 calories per serving
  • 40 or more grams of carbohydrates
  • Over 30 grams of sugar
  • Large or king-sized bars that lead you to eat way too much
  • A sugar spike, increased sugar cravings, and a load of guilt

Sugar-Free Goodness

Chocorite Sugar-Free Chocolates come in types and flavors to delight any chocolate lover. There are sugar-free Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Almond, and Chocolate Crisp Bars, Caramel Pecan and Chocolate Pecan Clusters, and Peanut Butter Patties…to name just a few. Each serving has about 100 calories and 2 grams of net carbs. They have no glycemic sweeteners – that is, they do not spike your blood sugar levels.

They come in small portions that are individually packaged. This gives you the pleasure of being able to eat the whole package without overdoing it. Plus, Chocorite Sugar-Free Chocolates are easy to take anywhere. Why not pull out a sugar-free delight at work the next time a box of chocolates enters your office so you have no temptation to eat the sugary chocolates?

100-Calorie Protein Bars to Love

You can also choose Chocorite Triple-Layer Protein Bars for added nutrition. With 9 grams of protein and a large 34-gram size, but still only 100 calories, these bars can be a small meal replacement or a snack. They have three layers: a protein-packed core, a caramel filling,and a chocolate coating. Flavors include Cookies and Cream, Triple Chocolate Fudge, and Caramel Cookie Dough.

Huge 20-Gram Protein Bars

If you just cannot get enough of Chocorite Sugar-Free Chocolates or you need a boost of protein, try Chocorite 20-Gram Protein Bars. They have 200 calories, 20 grams of protein, and only 3 grams of net carbs. They are available in a range of flavors from Double Chocolate Extreme and Pistachio Nut Chocolate to Cinnamon Bun and Yellow Cake. Have them as a meal replacement or snack to keep hunger at bay and to satisfy cravings.

Browse our collection of Chocorite Sugar-Free Chocolates and be warned that you may instantly relax as you discover that you can lose weight without giving up chocolate. The BariatricPal Store is here to make your journey easier!

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread: A Weight Loss Wonder

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread: A Weight Loss Wonder 0

Some food ads can make your weight loss diet seem a bit burdensome. Take those commercials for chocolate hazelnut spread, for example. Everyone in the family gets to enjoy sweet, creamy spread on goodies such as waffles and bagels. If you wish you could have the same delight, but are too dedicated to your weight loss program to consider the full-sugar version, consider sugar-free Nekstella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread.

Real Ingredients

Did you know that the first two ingredients of regular “hazelnut” spread are sugar and palm oil? That is a little bit off-putting. The main ingredients of Nekstella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread are unsweetened chocolate and hazelnuts. It contains coconut oil, not hydrogenated palm oil, and natural monkfruit instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners. You are what you eat, and it is good to be Nekstella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread.

An Unbelievable Treat

It may seem too good to be true that Nekstella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is allowed on your diet, but it is low-carb and sugar-free, while regular spread has over 20 grams of sugar. Plus, it is all-natural. It has 130 calories per 2-tablespoon serving, which is 35% fewer calories than regular spread or peanut butter and an easier amount to fit into your meal plan.

Fantastic Fiber

Nekstella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread has a whopping 12 grams of dietary fiber, which can help you stay full for longer. Dietary fiber helps prevent blood sugar spikes and dips, and may help lower cholesterol. It is also a boon for healthy digestion.

Your Imagination Is the Limit

How will you use Nekstella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread? Try it however you want for breakfast, snack, or dessert. We suggest it:

  • As a dip for apples, strawberries, or banana.
  • Spread onto waffles made with Low-Carb Baking Mix.
  • On Protein Bread or toast.
  • As a filling between Protein Pancakes.
  • Mixed into whole grain or Protein Oatmeal.
  • In a smoothie with banana and tofu.

Nekstella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread comes in creamy and crunchy varieties. Each jar is 11 or 16 ounces. You can also choose the Variety Pack with both types. However you choose to eat it, Nekstella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread can help keep your meal plan sweet and fun while you lose weight.

Protein Cake Bites at The BariatricPal Store

Protein Cake Bites at The BariatricPal Store 0

Everyone can use more cake, but not the pounds it packs on. Protein Cake Bites solve the dilemma, offering the taste and satisfaction of cake while you lose weight. These low-carb treats are so delicious you won’t be able to believe that they can possibly be okay on your diet.

The serving size is 3 great-tasting cakes. Each cake has a whipped protein center and a thick frosting surrounding it. You can count on them being free from aspartame and trans fats, but having them turns any day into what feels like a glorious cheat day.

Low-Sugar Protein Source

Each serving of Protein Cake Bites has 20 grams of protein, and no more than 3 grams of sugar. That is quite a deal when compared to, say, a slice of red velvet cake or cheesecake with 4 grams of protein and 20 or 30 grams of sugar. Protein Cake Bites get their protein from high-quality sources such as whey protein isolate, and they have bone-building calcium. Each serving has no more than 250 calories, making them ideal as a small meal, large snack, or filling dessert.

Favorite Flavors

Protein Cake Bites come in nine great-tasting flavors to satisfy every sweet tooth.

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate with a peanut butter center and chocolate frosting.
  • Berry Cheesecake with a berry-flavored center and a sweet cheesy coating.
  • Birthday Cake to make every day seem like your birthday.
  • Chocolate Dipped Cherry kind of like a truffle but without the sugar.
  • Chocolate Mint with the satisfaction of the chocolate candy, minus the guilt.
  • Red Velvet with decadent cake and creamy frosting and no guilt.
  • Fruity Cereal to bring back the tastes and carefree days of childhood.
  • Chocolate Frosted Donut with chocolate and more chocolate, but no trans fats.
  • Cookies and Cream dotted with black and white goodness, just like the cookies you love.

Try them all to find your favorite flavor! You can buy single flavors in single bars or boxes of 12, or try a Variety Pack with the first 8 flavors.  

Cake All Day

Why save cake for special occasions? Why save it for dessert? You can have your cake whenever you want it. Eat these ready-to-eat Protein Cake Bites for breakfast at home or on the go, or have them for a morning of afternoon snack. Of course, they make a great dessert, too.

Try Protein Cake Bites by Optimum Nutrition if you like a sweet something, live for frosting, and want to lose weight. Being able to turn any day into a celebration may be just what you need to stay on your weight loss plan and love it.

Chocolate Mint Weight Loss Bliss

Chocolate Mint Weight Loss Bliss 0

Today marks another weight loss…well, food…holiday. It is National Chocolate Mint Day: a blend of delicious, satisfying, rich, and sweet flavors. You get to choose whether to celebrate with weight loss, and The BariatricPal Store is ready for you if you are!

Chocolate Mint Diet Disasters

We’re with you if you fear that eating chocolate mint goodness will send you into a sugary state of weight gain. So many options are high-calorie, high-sugar, and low-protein.

  • A cup of mint chocolate chip ice cream has a day’s worth of saturated fat and 48 grams of sugar.
  • A single peppermint patty has 25 grams of sugar.
  • An order of mint cocoa has up to 500 calories and 72 grams of sugar.

The BariatricPal Store offers instead a low-sugar, high-protein option in the form of BariatricPal Cocoa Mint Protein Bars.

Calorie-Controlled Chocolate Mint Bars

Start a box of chocolate mint cookies, and you may not be able to stop eating before you hit several hundred calories. Peel open a Cocoa Mint Protein Bar, and you can eat the whole thing for 160 calories. There is a lot more pleasure when you feel no guilt! The bars are minty on the inside and chocolatey on the outside for the perfect bite every bite.

Protein and Fiber for Filling Weight Loss

A candy or sugary drink may taste good while it’s going down, but you can soon find yourself starving again and craving more sugar. With Cocoa Mint Protein Bars, you get slow-digesting nutrients that keep you fuller for longer.

Cocoa Mint Protein Bars have 15 grams of high-quality from sources such as whey and egg whites. They also have 8 grams of dietary fiber, which is nearly one-third of the daily value. Together, protein and fiber can help stave off hunger. Protein also supports metabolism and lean muscle mass, while fiber supports digestive health and lower blood sugar.

A Treat for Anytime

Be sure to have your Cocoa Mint Protein Bars on hand because you never know when you may want one. It can be a quick breakfast or guilt-free dessert, or a snack to tide you over for a couple of hours. You can also use it as a snack before or after a workout – what a way to do double weight loss duty.

Be sure to browse The BariatricPal Store for Protein Bars in other flavors and for Chocolate Mint bars, candies, protein powders, and hot drinks.

Skinny Foods for Valentine’s Day

Skinny Foods for Valentine’s Day 0

The typical Valentine’s Day foods can present a paradox. The very treats used to celebrate this day of love can make you feel bloated and sluggish. That has be the opposite of how you would want to feel when you are around that special someone or if you are simply trying to show yourself a little love. This Thursday, do yourself proud while enjoying seasonal treats to celebrate.


Start your meal with some appetizers, but do not throw off your entire day with excessive carbs, fat, and calories as you might get from spinach artichoke dip with chips, fried shrimp, or cheese fondue with bread.

Instead, try low-carb bruschetta made with Parisian Rusk Bread. Each serving has 110 calories, 5 grams of fiber, and 15 grams of protein, but only 5 grams of net carbs. Pile it with chopped tomatoes marinated with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and basil, and top with shredded parmesan to start your meal off tasting right without putting you over the top for the day.


A plate of fettuccine alfredo or spaghetti carbonara can pump up the love, but it can also pump up your waistline. If regular pasta is too heavy in carbs for your lifestyle, check out our selection of Protein and Low-Carb Spaghetti. Options include nearly carb-free shirataki noodles, protein pasta, and superfood black bean and mung bean pasta.

Try any of our diet-friendly pasta alternatives with a simple blend of olive oil, salt, basil, and parmesan cheese or tomato sauce with mushrooms and ground turkey. If you are on your own or do not feel like cooking, feel free to choose an Instant Protein Entrée such as Spaghetti Bolognese. It can warm your soul as you lose weight.

Hot Chocolate

It is only natural to want to extend the evening with a hot drink, possibly while watching a movie. Do you know your little glass of hot cocoa can contain 300 calories and 40 grams of sugar? It may not seem so heart-warming once you know that!

Protein Hot Chocolate can provide the warmth and chocolate taste you want with barely any sugar. Each cup provides about 15 grams of protein and under 5 grams of carbs, allowing you to indulge without a sugar high before bed. Choose Classic, Marshmallow, Cinnamon, or another flavor to get your fix without paying a heavy price.


Let’s hear it for cheesecake as a great Valentine’s Day dessert. In just a few bites, you can down a day’s worth of saturated fat and sugar and a meal’s worth of calories. What is so great about that?

Try Protein Cheesecake Pudding instead if you really want the flavor but are too savvy to fall for the diet-busting pitfalls of regular cheesecake. Have it plain for 90 calories and 15 grams of protein in a few minutes. You can also make it fancier by topping it with sliced strawberries or raspberries and calorie-free chocolate sauce.

There is no need to deviate from your weight loss goals when you want to celebrate. Just make smart substitutions. Have a healthy, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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