Vegetarian Bariatric-Friendly Products

Vegetarian Bariatric-Friendly Products

Alex Brecher

Can you be a vegetarian and a successful bariatric surgery patient at the same time? Of course you can! Getting enough protein can be a challenge for any bariatric surgery patient, but it is possible to hit your goals with a plant-based diet. 

Many plant-based foods have a significant amount of protein, and a range of other nutrients besides. These are some bariatric-friendly products to help you stay on track with both your weight loss and health goals.

Nutritious Vegetarian Foods

Nutrient-dense foods can be the foundation of your weight loss diet as you establish habits that can last a lifetime. Beans, soybeans, lentils, and peas are the plant-based foods that are naturally richest in protein, and they pack a dose of filling fiber, too. Nuts have protein, along with healthy fats and fiber, and vegetables have protein and are low-calorie and filling. 

Though the amount of protein is lower on a per-calorie basis, whole grains are linked to all kinds of benefits, including better weight control and heart health. Fruit is nearly free of protein, but is important because of its other nutrients and health benefits.

Vegetarian Protein Entrees

What do Spaghetti Bolognese, Lasagna, Sloppy Joes, and Chili have in common? They are all vegetarian, and they are all bariatric-friendly. These and other Protein Entrees, such as Vegan Lentil Curry and Vegan Chicken Curry, are also delicious, shelf-stable, and ready in minutes for an easy lunch or dinner. 

Veggie burgers and meatless sausages and chicken products are also suitable for bariatric patients and easy to 


Having a high-protein breakfast may have felt challenging if you are opting out of meat, eggs, and cheese, but help is here. The BariatricPal Store has Protein Oatmeal, Protein Pancakes, and Protein Cereal, all low-carb and vegan. They are great on their own, or can be eaten with berries or other fruit or a few almonds or other nuts. 

A tofu scramble with vegetables, soy yogurt with Protein Granola, and a smoothie with tofu, peanut butter, and banana are also bariatric-friendly ways to start the day. Soy bacon and meatless breakfast sausage can add flavor, texture, and satisfaction to breakfast dishes.

Protein Snacks

You may feel that following a plant-based diet makes it especially tough during snack time, since other bariatric patients may just grab a cheese stick, can of tuna, piece of beef jerky, or container of cottage cheese. However, suitable snack options can be limitless and delicious for you, too!

Anywhere, anytime you are hungry, you can just tear open a bag of Protein Pretzels or select varieties of Protein Chips, Puffs, or Krinkles, to enjoy a reduced-carb snack. Lupini Bean Hummus and Bean Chips are delicious, healthy, and natural, as are Popped Water Lily Seeds and SuperSeedz Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds. Veggies with peanut butter or hummus are also natural and satisfying snacks.

Protein Bread and Pasta

Bread and pasta can still be on your bariatric-friendly diet if you choose low-carb types. Just a few ideas are Zero-Carb Bread with Powdered Protein Peanut Butter and Calorie-Free Fruit Spread, Soy Wraps with beans, avocado, and tomatoes, and Low-Carb Shirataki or Protein Soybean Pasta with Calorie-Free Pasta Sauce and vegetables.

Eating smart and eating well are possible even on a vegetarian diet. The BariatricPal Store has products that can make you love your diet as you see the pounds come off, so come browse the aisles!

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