Weight Loss Duals: Thai Chicken Curry

Weight Loss Duals: Thai Chicken Curry

The great thing about weight loss is that you can eat fabulous food as you hit your goals. Is this a surprise to you? Take Thai food, for example. In this episode of Weight Loss Duals, we compare BariatricPal Vegan Chicken Curry to Thai curry that you might get from a restaurant. The winner? You can decide.


Taste comes first, but luckily the healthy choice stands its ground here. BariatricPal Vegan Chicken Curry has classic Thai flavors with spicy heat and cool coconut in a creamy sauce. The dish is packed with real spices, including turmeric, pepper, and paprika. Always flavorful, never greasy – can your local Thai joint guarantee grease-free?

Weight Loss Potential

A close second to taste is the nutritional profile, and BariatricPal Vegan Chicken Curry wins hands-down. When it comes to weight loss potential, consider calories, carbs, and protein, not to mention portion control.

  • 120 calories
  • 15 grams of protein
  • 8 grams of net carbs
  • 5 grams of fiber

The biggest factor in weight loss for many people is portion control, and restaurants tend not to help with that. An order of Thai curry can be 4 to even 8 times the size of BariatricPal Vegan Chicken Curry, which has a single serving that you can polish off with no worries.

Healthy Vegan Ingredients

BariatricPal Vegan Chicken Curry is, well, vegan. That means it has no red meat or animal fat, dairy, or cholesterol. In comparison, restaurant-made Thai curry can have all of those, and in large amounts. BariatricPal Vegan Chicken Curry gets its protein from soy, which is a complete protein. You can also be assured that this curry is free from MSG.

The Convenience Factor

Fast food is hard to beat when it comes to convenience, but BariatricPal Vegan Chicken Curry may have the edge here. You can get it from packet to table within 5 minutes, which is less than it takes to call or text in an order and pick it up from a Thai joint as near as next-door. You can enjoy your BariatricPal Vegan Chicken Curry anywhere, instead of needing to find the nearest Thai restaurant, and you do not even need a fridge to store it.

Sides and Extras

Let us say that you go to a Thai restaurant and order a few extras, such as an egg roll or potstickers and a side of fried or steamed rice or pad thai. Opt for a standard lunch special with an additional order of soup and a dessert, and your meal can have over 1,000 calories before you count the curry!

BariatricPal Vegan Chicken Curry has just that: curry. You can stop right there with your 120-calorie meal or snack, or add a healthy side or two. You can even turn it into a weight loss feast with:

The grand total for your feast can be under 300 calories. Now that is a nice weight loss strategy!

So…what is the verdict? Does BariatricPal Vegan Chicken Curry or does restaurant Thai food win? Consider the flavor, nutritional facts, and convenience, and you can decide!

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