Why Labor to Lose Weight?

Why Labor to Lose Weight?

Abegail Fernandez

Happy Labor Day from The BariatricPal Store! The holiday celebrates the country’s workers and their hard efforts, but that does not mean you need to work harder to lose weight! You might as well take the easy path whenever you can. At The BariatricPal Store, that means losing weight on a high-protein diet while eating the way you love. Here are a few examples of how you can take the easy way out.


Say “Yes” to Fast Food

Burgers and fries are fast, but not as fast as BariatricPal Instant Protein Entrees. Just stash your favs at work or home and get a quick, delicious bite in minutes. Save hundreds of calories when you opt for Chicken Enchilada Verde instead of Mexican fast food, Spicy Oriental Chicken instead of Chinese takeout, and Chicken Pasta Tomato Parmesan instead of Italian fare.  

All of our options are portion-controlled and low in calories, with many of them coming in at between 100 and 250 for the entire meal. They are low in carbs, and high in protein. You can make them instantly using just water and the microwave or stovetop. Serve them on their own, have them with a side salad, toss in extra veggies, or top them with a little melted cheese.

Honor Your Sweet Tooth

A sweet tooth can be double trouble for weight loss. First, it leads you to eat hundreds of extra calories. Second, the sugary treat that you eat to satisfy your sweet tooth can lead to more sugar cravings later. You might find yourself in a vicious cycle!

Instead, put yourself on the right path by allowing yourself the sweet tastes, but making sure they are from high-protein, low-sugar sources. Try Protein Bars with chocolate, caramel, vanilla, coconut, and more flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and even dulce de leche Protein Pudding, and biscotti and chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin Protein Cookies, for starters.

Snack Happy

Of course you have been told to snack smart, but The BariatricPal Store knows that snacking happy is just as important. Snacking happy means getting in the protein you need to stay full, keeping down the excess carbs that will just bump up blood sugar, and having the tastes and textures you love.

Snacking happy is not as hard as it may sound! Conquer snack-time with crunchy choices such as Protein Chips in ranch, BBQ, salt and vinegar, and other classic flavors, Protein Pretzels, or Cheese Crisps. You can chow down on chewy Meat Snacks or spoonable Protein Gelatin, too. They are all protein-controlled and high in protein.

Cheat Whenever You Can

Are you short on protein? Grab a Protein Shake or Protein Shot. Did you run out of time to make a healthy dinner? Toss an Instant Pasta Entrée into the microwave. Are you eating breakfast on the go? Nosh on honey nut, cinnamon vanilla, or cocoa Protein Cereal – it is ready-to-eat and portable.

Feeling deprived will not help you lose weight. Eating right will! Make it easier on yourself by choosing the high-protein foods you need with the great-tasting flavors you are craving. Happy Labor Day!


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