Cave into Cravings Part 1: Creamy and Crunchy

Cave into Cravings Part 1: Creamy and Crunchy

Abegail Fernandez


Cravings can wreck your diet because they strike hard and are usually not for healthy foods, but a craving does not have to be your ruin. Just make smart choices to satisfy your craving, and continue on in your weight loss journey without guilt. These are some creamy and crunchy craving solutions that give you protein without extra sugar or starches.

Creamy: Protein Pudding

Pudding may be a childhood favorite that delivers comfort, but it also delivers a load of sugar. Choose instant Protein Pudding instead, with 80 to 90 calories, almost no sugar, and up to 15 grams of protein. Enjoy classic flavors such as Chocolate, Banana, or Vanilla, or go out on a limb with Dulce de Leche. They are all as creamy as the snack or dessert you remember from your school days.

Creamy: Protein Peanut Butter

Protein Peanut Butter Powder can give you the sweet and salty taste you remember as a dip, spread, or smoothie ingredient, or you can opt to get your PB fix in a Peanut Butter Protein Bar whether you go with pure peanut, chocolate coating, strawberry jelly, or another variation. You will be skipping the extra fat and calories from spoonfuls of peanut butter, while getting more protein and satisfaction.

Crunchy: Protein Cereal

Cereal is great, until you add up the carbs you got after you finish eating the whole box. Instead, go for single-serving packages of low-carb Protein Cereal in craveable flavors such as Honey Nut, Cinnamon Crunch, and even Rich Cocoa. Grab an entire bag for breakfast, snack, and even dessert, and you will still be within your daily limits while getting doses of up to 15 grams of protein per serving.

Crunchy: Protein Potato Chips

Like cereal, potato chips can be dangerous because of the temptation to eat the whole bag. Worse, they have a base of refined starch, and usually come with a load of unneeded fat. Choose Protein Chips instead, and you will be getting up to 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber in a low-fat, low-carb version. They are portion-packed in single-serving bags, so eat up! Ranch, Sea Salt and Vinegar, BBQ, and Tangy Tomato are among your protein-packed crunchy choices.

Creamy or crunchy, The BariatricPal Store has the answer to your craving, in a diet-friendly package. Stop by and find your favorite!

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