Your Weight Loss Staycation Menu: Easy Meals That Are Friendly to Your Waistline

Alex Brecher

Even if you do not get a chance to travel this summer, you may be able to get a few days off or set aside a weekend for a staycation. Along with the fun activities you have planned – a spa day? Shopping? Tourist in your own town? – you’ll probably be interested in getting a break from cooking. Problem is, that’s when you can run into trouble with your diet.

You know all too well the damage a day in can do if it involves a few badly planned deliver orders. A single meal, not to mention the entire day, can lead to eating far more calories, carbs, and sugar than you need. There’s a better way, though. You really can eat in, minimize your time in the kitchen, and, best of all, enjoy your meals! Here are a few ideas for a perfect weight loss staycation menu.

Breakfast: Traditional Tastes, Minus the Pounds

Waking up to the hotel’s continental breakfast is a sure sign that you’re on vacation. That buffet with bagels and spreads, an array of pastries and doughnuts, and cold cuts is a sure sign that a great day lies ahead. How can you get that same excitement without the calories and fat?

You can make yourself a continental breakfast easily with a few easy items. Think low-carb, high-fiber bread or bagels, non-fat cream cream cheese or cottage cheese, and fresh fruit. Swap the sugary coffee or hot chocolate for sugar-free versions, and you’re good to go. If you want a hot breakfast that’s high-protein and low-calorie, opt for instant Protein Pancakes or a Protein Omelet.

Lunch: Afternoon Fuel, Not Long-Lasting Fat

Lunch should be hearty and satisfying without weighing you down. That’s a challenge when you opt for pizza, subs, or burgers and fries, since the extra calories, fat, and starches can make you feel sleepy. A protein-packed lunch with some veggies and healthy carbs can be just the thing to get you excited for your afternoon plans at home or around the town.

You can always use meal helpers like pre-washed salad mixes and ready-cooked chicken breast strips to get a quick, fresh, and filling lunch. Since you’re on staycation, consider adding fun ingredients such as sliced nectarines or other summer fruit, sugar snap peas, and roasted chickpeas to your salad. Or, opt for a filling instant meal such as chili or protein soup with extra veggies, paired with freshly baked low-carb breadsticks.

Dinner: Comfort Food for a Comfortable Waistline

What’s the worst thing about a vacation or staycation? For some, it’s going back to work. For others, it’s trying to get into your work clothes, and realizing they don’t fit anymore. Do you think that might be the result of a few too many pasta dinners, nights at the local Mexican restaurant, or “just this once” desserts as the perfect finish to the perfect meal? Hey, we’re not judging. Promise. We’re just offering a few other ideas.

For example, what about a tasty meal in minutes that won’t set you back? You can keep the calories down and the protein up with choices such as Fettucine Alfredo, Oriental Chicken with Rice, and Chicken Enchiladas. Since you can order them online from The BariatricPal Store and store them in your pantry, they’re even faster and easier than delivery, and have just a fraction of the calories.

And instead of finishing off your meal with “just a bite” of a brownie sundae, why not help yourself to a freshly baked Protein Brownie? Top it with some sugar-free whipped topping or sliced strawberries, and you can get in dessert for under 150 calories. Nice.

A staycation should be relaxing in every way, including letting you step out of the kitchen without worrying about your diet. It’s not too good to be true. You can enjoy great-tasting meals all day while staying on your high-protein, low-calorie weight loss diet, and the best part about your staycation may be the weight loss!  

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