National Hot Breakfast Month

Alex Brecher

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February is National Hot Breakfast Month. We have great news for you: you can participate! You may think hot breakfast is reserved for the occasional weekend when you have time to take on hours to cooking. Or you may think of high-carb pancakes, fatty bacon, and fried potatoes – all off-limits for weight loss.

But National Hot Breakfast Month is for you, too! The BariatricPal Store has you covered. These are some of the low-carb, low-calorie, instant hot breakfasts you can choose from – and they taste great, too!


High in protein, carb-free, and naturally delicious, eggs have earned their place at the breakfast table. Try them scrambled with cheese, poached and served with whole-grain toast, or in an omelet, like the BariatricPal Vegetable Omelet with 100 calories and 15 grams of protein.

Make it within minutes in the microwave or on the stove for a stand-alone breakfast. You can also jazz it up by adding more vegetables or some diced all-natural turkey or ham. Serve it with fruit for extra fiber and antioxidants, or put it in a low-carb wrap with shredded cheddar cheese for a protein-packed, energy-boosting breakfast.

You can even bake your hot breakfast the night before by making a frittata with one omelet packet, some spinach leaves, and shredded sweet potato. Just reheat it the next morning!


Oatmeal may be the hearty breakfast you dream of, but can you really handle the carbs? Of course you can, with BariatricPal Protein Oatmeal. Each packet has 100 calories and 14 grams of protein. You can even enjoy Apples and Cinnamon or Maple and Brown Sugar flavors without any sugar!

Your hot breakfast is ready in minutes using water or milk. You can make your breakfast a little bigger by adding diced apples to the apples and cinnamon flavor for extra fiber and crunch. Serve maple and brown sugar oatmeal with all-natural turkey or soy bacon, and you’ve got a hot breakfast to celebrate the day and your weight loss.


It’s true. Pancakes are now officially on your weight loss diet. Why wouldn’t they be, when each packet of BariatricPal Chocolate Chip or Blueberry Protein Pancakes has only 90 to 110 calories, and 15 grams of protein?

They’re ready in minutes for a hot breakfast on their own, or add your own healthy toppings. Try strawberries and Greek yogurt, blueberries and toasted oats, or chopped pecans. For an on-the-go treat, make a breakfast sandwich with a cooked egg and piece of melted low-fat cheese between two thin pancakes. Who said dieting isn’t fun?

A healthy breakfast revs up your metabolism and gives you a head start on those daily nutrients, so why not celebrate Hot Breakfast Month in style? Your high-protein, low-calorie, delicious breakfast can be ready in minutes so you can be ready for a great day.

For the month of February, take 10% off BariatricPal breakfasts when you use coupon code BreakfastMania. Just enter the code before you finish checking out.

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