Surviving Your High-Protein Liquid Diet: Pre-Op, Post-Op, and Cleansing

Surviving Your High-Protein Liquid Diet: Pre-Op, Post-Op, and Cleansing

Alex Brecher

Going on a liquid diet may be one of the biggest challenges you face on your weight loss surgery journey. It can be tough to get in enough protein without eating any solid foods, and you may still have cravings for certain tastes. But don’t worry – help is here at The BariatricPal Store! The trick is to mix it up with a bunch of great-tasting products.

How much protein do you need?

Many surgeons and nutritionists suggest getting at least 65 grams of protein per day before and after surgery. That’s a good goal for a detox diet, too. Even more can give you even more satisfaction. All that protein helps decrease hunger, speed healing, and boost your immune system.

Start with classic protein shakes.

There’s a reason that classic protein shakes come to mind first when you think of a high-protein liquid diet. Whether it’s rich chocolate, creamy vanilla, orange cream, cinnamon bun, caramel caffe latte, or any number of other delectable flavors, you can find a familiar flavor to love in a low-carb version. Choose from powder tubs for multi-serving convenience and ready-to-drink protein shakes for anytime convenience. We even have ready-to-shake protein bottles: just add water, shake, and enjoy!

Refresh yourself with cold drinks.

Sometimes, chilled protein drinks can be nice and refreshing. Think about BariatricPal protein fruit drinks in flavors such as pineapple orange, aloha mango, and raspberry lemonade, for example. Protein iced tea in flavors such as peach and raspberry can also hit the spot. If you’re in the mood for a smoothie, you’re in luck. Whether you choose berry, strawberry banana, or another fruity classic, you can get in your protein without driving up the sugar count like you would if you got a smoothie from a smoothie joint.

Throw in some hot drinks.

Since boredom can put a damper on your liquid diet, do what you can to keep your days interesting. An easy trick? Sip on some comforting and satisfying hot protein drinks. We have all low-sugar, high-protein hot cocoa mixes in all kinds of flavors from mint cocoa to marshmallow, plus creamy cappuccino in regular and decaf, with twists such as vanilla and mocha.

Mix it up with salty flavors.

Give your taste buds a break from the sweet taste of other protein supplements by trying a salty twist. You may think of broth as a watery, nutrition-less substance, but that’s not the case with BariatricPal protein soups and bouillons. Each has about 15 grams of protein and a minimum of carbs. With flavors such as beef bouillon, chicken bouillon, tomato, and cream of mushroom, your liquid diet will be anything but boring.

The liquid diet can be pretty daunting, but The BariatricPal Store is here to help. Our low-carb, high-protein products can help you get all the protein you need on your liquid diet, while you still get to enjoy flavors you love. You just may find that you keep these liquids in your rotation even when you’re allowed to go back to solid foods because they help you lose weight and they’re absolutely delicious.

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