Bariatric Protein Pudding: Summer Comfort Food

Alex Brecher

What do you crave in the summer? For most of us, it’s not a heavy meal that makes up the typical comfort food – stews, mac and cheese, and chicken pot pie. In summer, you’re more likely to want something cool and refreshing, such as ice cream. Trouble is, you know ice cream isn’t in the cards if you’re a post-op weight loss surgery patient or you’re doing your best to drop weight this summer.

There’s no reason to worry, though. We’ve got you covered if you need a cool, sweet treat. BariatricPal Protein Pudding can be just the thing if you’re watching your weight. It’s also a safe treat for post-op patients on the pureed foods diet.

The Flavors You Crave

What do you really want? Dark chocolate? Strawberry? Caramel Caffe Latte? Check, check, and check. We have these and other delicious flavors to satisfy your cravings without doing damage to your good intentions. Whether you opt for a classic like Creamy Vanilla or Banana, or you venture into newer territory like Dulce de Leche or Hazelnut Cocoa Cream, you’re sure to pick a winner.

The Protein You Need

While you’re getting your flavor fix, why not get a little nutrition, too? Protein helps fill you up and preserve your lean muscle mass while you’re losing weight, so your metabolism stays higher. Each packet of BariatricPal Protein Pudding provides a whopping 15 grams of protein, which dwarfs the measly 3 to 4 grams you can expect from a scoop of ice cream.

Calories and Carbs to Fit in Your Diet

A scoop of premium chocolate ice cream from an ice cream shop can run you over 300 calories and 20 to 30 grams of carbs. That’s sure to put a dent in your daily calorie and carb budget! Protein pudding can take away a little of the guilt from your indulgence since a serving has 100 or fewer calories, along with under 10 grams of carbs.

Built-In Portion Control

Do you ever have trouble with portion control or get fed up when measuring your food? So do we! We know what it’s like to want to eat the whole package, and we know it gets old fast to measure each ingredient when you’re prepping your food. That’s why our protein puddings – and most of our other foods – come in single serving packets. We list the nutrition information for an entire packet, so just open it, make it, and enjoy it – the whole thing!

Just Mix and Enjoy

As with our other foods, it’s easy to prepare BariatricPal Protein Pudding. Just mix one package with 4 ounces (1/2 cup) of cold water, and stir until dissolved. Then savor your treat! You can make it a little bit ahead of time and refrigerate it for a slightly colder dessert or snack.

You don’t need to choose between weight loss and satisfaction this summer. You can have both. One way is with BariatricPal Protein Puddings – a cool treat in flavors you love, without the nutritional stats to wreck your diet. Look through our selection and choose a few great-tasting options to try, and then keep coming back for more once you’re hooked! After all, they’re just what the doctor ordered. At least, close enough.