Dietary Fiber – Protein’s Weight Loss Pal

Dietary Fiber – Protein’s Weight Loss Pal

Alex Brecher

Compared to protein, dietary fiber is an unsung weight loss hero. Both nutrients slow digestion to help you stay full so weight loss easier, but fiber plays these roles, too.

  • Fiber improves digestion – think regularity and comfort!
  • Fiber lowers blood sugar and cholesterol – good news if you are worried about diabetes and heart disease.
  • Fiber helps you eat healthier – it’s only found in plant-based foods, so it comes in a cholesterol-free package that does not have gobs of unhealthy fats.

Most people hit recommendations for protein, but not for fiber. So, here are some ways to get your fiber, but without giving up protein. The BariatricPal Store has the ideas and Fiber Products you need to lose weight.

Protein and Fiber Pasta

We’ve transformed pasta from a high-carb, starchy food, that’s probably off-limits on your diet, into a high-protein, high-fiber superfood. Zeroodle Pastas are made with ingredients such as black beans, oat fiber, and mung beans. They have 4 to 10 grams of fiber, and up to 21 grams of protein. Try a filling meal such as:

  • Spaghetti with chopped tomatoes, basil, and olive oil.
  • Fettuccini with parmesan cheese and broccoli florets.
  • Fried rice with egg whites and chopped mixed vegetables.

If you choose a shirataki variety, you’ll save about 150 calories. Just add a little chicken or another protein to bump up the total.

High-Fiber Protein Bars

A bar is as easy as it gets for a meal or snack. High-Fiber Protein Bars have 15 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber for only 150 calories. They come in Salted Toffee Pretzel, Peanut Butter and Smooth Caramel Crisp, and Crunchy Cereal Caramel, so you can choose your combo of sweet and salty flavors, and creamy and crunchy textures. They have 1 gram of sugar to keep you from feeling guilty over the great taste.

Protein Fiber Tea

A cup of iced or hot tea can be relaxing and refreshing, but the sweet taste can come with a not-so-sweet price tag of loads of sugar and calories. At the same time, regular sweet tea has no nutrition. Flip the tables around with BariatricPal Protein and Fiber Raspberry Iced Tea and Instant Chai Tea, since they are low in sugar and have 15 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. They have about 90 calories per serving. Just add water and you can decide whether you want your tea hot or cold.

Fiber-Filled Protein Breakfasts

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but are you taking full advantage of the chance to get a head start on your fiber and protein intake for the day? A breakfast with fiber and protein can keep you full for longer and stabilize energy so you can be ready for a weight loss day. Check out our Protein Breakfasts and add your own healthy fiber choices for a quick and delicious morning greeting.

  • Protein Omelet with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, or any other vegetables.
  • Protein Cereal with fruit.
  • Protein Oatmeal with wheat bran, fruit, and/or nuts.
  • Protein Pancakes with Powdered Peanut Butter.

Be healthy and full with fiber -it’s easy to add into your diet when you get help from The BariatricPal Store. Browse our options and mix and match to come up with your own great fiber choices.

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