Eating Healthier Instead of Dieting

Eating Healthier Instead of Dieting

Alex Brecher

Diets don’t work. A diet can help you lose weight, but probably not for too long. That’s because “dieting” can mean feeling deprived of your favorite foods and making drastic changes that don’t fit into your regular lifestyle. The result can be weight loss in the short term, followed by regaining the weight after you stop “dieting.” 

Instead, a focus on eating healthier can help you lose weight and keep it off. Plus, it can help you get more protein and fiber, which can help you feel fuller and stabilize blood sugar. The BariatricPal Store has tons of low-carb alternatives to high-carb foods and other treats to help you make weight loss a lifestyle, not a diet.

Low-Carb Bread, Pizza, and Pasta

Why would you give up carbs for your waistline when you can just choose low-carb alternatives? Make Protein Peanut Butter and fruit sandwiches on Zero Carb Bread, add Calorie-Free Pasta Sauce and vegetables to Zero Carb Pizza Crust, or mix Low-Carb Low-Calorie or High-Protein Pasta with Calorie-Free Alfredo Sauce and chicken, shrimp, or vegetables. It’s all diet-friendly, yet not a diet!

Breakfasts to Start a Weight Loss Day

A high-protein, low-sugar breakfast can keep blood sugar and hunger levels stable all morning. Sugary cereal, carb-laden pancakes, fatty breakfast pastries will not do the trick. Instead, Keto Granola, Protein Cereal, Protein Pancakes, and Protein Oatmeal and Keto Hot Cereal can be lifelong choices. We even have Low-Carb Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Strawberry Toaster Pastries for treats. They are all ready to eat or ready in seconds for a healthy start to even the busiest of mornings.

Sugar-Free Desserts to Die for

Full-sugar, full-fat desserts may put you closer to death, but there is no need to forego all indulgences. Options such as Protein Brownies, Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin Protein Cookies, and Keto Sandwich Cookies are ready to eat, and low-carb Cake Mixes can give you a guilt-free, freshly-baked treat.

Hard-Core Snacks

Snack lovers, rejoice. No longer must you look longingly at the potato chips and candy bars in the vending machine down the hall. Now, you can enjoy the same things, but in low-carb and high-protein forms. 

We have an entire assortment of snacks such as Protein Chips, Protein Pretzels, Cheese Crisps, Protein Dips and Calorie-Free Dips and Dressings. Health nuts can try Poplettes Sorghum Snacks, Bean Crisps, and SuperSeedz Pumpkin Seeds in savory and sweet flavors. If candy bars are more your thing, Sugar-Free Chocolate in Milk, Dark, Crispy, Almond, and even Peanut Butter or Caramel varieties are all available.

Refreshing Beverages

Soft drinks, fruit juice, and smoothies are all sweet and refreshing, but oh, so sugary and high in calories. Swap the sugar for protein with Protein Fruit Drinks and Protein Smoothies in favorite flavors including Mango, Strawberry Banana, and Berry. If you are more tempted by sweetened coffee beverages, Hot Protein Drinks such as Mocha and Pumpkin Spice Latte may do the trick. They have 15 grams of protein each, and are low in sugar.

If your goals are to be healthy and lose weight for the long term, a diet won’t work. Far likelier to help is a high-protein plan with your favorite foods and flavors in abundance. The BariatricPal Store makes that possible.

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