Happy New Year from The BariatricPal Store!

Happy New Year from The BariatricPal Store!

Abby Dean

Happy New Year! The BariatricPal Store wishes you the best for a happy and healthy 2017. We believe there is no reason you cannot make good progress towards your weight loss and health goals this year, and we support you entirely!

We are here for all of your weight loss needs in 2017. We want to help you get back on track after the holiday season, start a new weight loss diet, or succeed on your weight loss surgery journey. Here are some of the ways The BariatricPal Store is working with you to help you reach your goals this year.

Weight Loss Products You Need and Love

You need great-tasting, nutritionally appropriate foods to help you stick to your meal plan. We have what you need morning, noon, and night. Try instant Protein Breakfasts such as Protein Oatmeal, Omelets, and Pancakes, and Protein Entrees such as Pasta, Soup, Stews, and more. Protein Snacks such as pretzels, chips, and cookies can satisfy cravings without a carb load.

Boost your protein intake without adding sugar to your diet or stress to your day with Protein Bars and Liquid Proteins including shakes, smoothies, fruit drinks, and hot cocoa. Finally, make sure you are taking care of your vitamin, mineral, and other nutrient needs with Bariatric Supplements in forms you can use.

Meal Plans for Everyone

Sometimes figuring out what to do is half the battle. We already fought that part of the battle for you by creating our Bariatric Meal Plans. Find one or more weeks’ worth of menus for whatever situation or meal plan you are on, such as:

  • Liquid Diet
  • Pureed/Mushies Post-Op Diet
  • Semi-Soft Foods Post-Op Diet
  • Solid Foods Post-Op or Weight Loss Diet
  • Maintenance Diet
  • Back-on-Track Diet
  • Pouch Reset Plan

Best Prices and Service on the Internet

We know you can choose to take your business anywhere online, which is why we work so hard to be your first choice. Here is a quick look at what we are doing to earn your loyalty.

  • Friendly customer service, including instant chat.
  • Best prices guaranteed through our price match policy.
  • Fast shipping, free on eligible orders.
  • Cash back by exchanging points you can earn through our BariatricPal Rewards program.

With services like this, why go anywhere else? We hope you don’t, because we value your business and want to see you succeed in the New Year!

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