New Year’s Party Survival Kit

New Year’s Party Survival Kit

Abby Dean

We’re nearing the end of the holiday season, but there is another hurdle to get over before life returns to normal and it is easier to focus on weight loss. New Year’s Eve often presents plenty of opportunities for too much food, especially if you are hosting or attending a party.

Unlike Christmas, which often comprise sit-down dinners, New Year’s Eve parties can be less focused on a main course, and more focused on appetizers, drinks, and desserts. Here are a few finger foods and drinks you can enjoy to keep your waistline in check on this festive night.

Fruity Punch

There’s no need to stay away from the punch bowl tonight. Just make sure you serve yourself the right punch! For example, Fruity Punch has 15 grams of protein and only 5 grams of carbs. The recipe is simple to make, and it has a delicious mixture of strawberry, pineapple, citrus, and banana flavors.

Stuffed Mushrooms

There’s no need to go for mushrooms stuffed with breadcrumbs, bacon, butter, and full-fat cheese. Unless you have several hundred calories to kill, stick to low-carb protein Stuffed Mushrooms with 18 grams of protein per serving. With only 3 ingredients, you can make these in a jiffy and impress your guests. If you like, try varying the recipe by adding lean ground turkey, or trying different flavors of low-fat cheese such as parmesan.

Chips and Dip

It’s tough to stay away from the chips and dip, which are sure to be visible from the moment you walk into the room. Instead of trying to avoid the treat entirely, opt for low-carb Protein Chips in favorite flavors from Barbecue to Sea Salt and Vinegar. Salsa Dip and Cheese Dip are two weight loss-friendly choices that can keep you away from the creamy diet disasters.

Protein Bars

Over the years, Protein Bars have saved many a desperate dieter from needing to choose between starving versus diving for the high-calorie fare at a party. Arm yourself with your favorite flavor. Then reach into your pocket or purse for that chocolate, peanut, caramel, lemon, or other great taste when you need to be rescued at a party.

Enjoy your final fling of 2016, and Happy New Year!

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