National Grilled Cheese Month: Weight Loss Heaven

Abegail Fernandez

April is National Grilled Cheese Month, and The BariatricPal Store thinks you should celebrate wholeheartedly. Join the fun while you lose weight with these great ideas and recipes.

Be proud for avoiding a cheesy diet disaster.

You might cringe when you think of a traditional grilled cheese sandwich. By the time you slather thick slices of white sliced bread with butter and pile on the cheese, you can have more refined carbs and saturated fat that you care to think about. A single grilled cheese sandwich made with abandon can have 400 to 800 calories and a day’s worth of saturated fat and refined carbs.

Build a smart sandwich.

Choose a low-carb base for your sandwich. You can create a pizza or biscuit-like base using Carbquik Baking Mix, or choose a ready-to-use low-carb wrap or reduced-calorie bread or high-fiber English muffin from a store.

Add a low-fat or fat-free cheese – your choice of flavors – and you are ready to toast your way to a cheesy treat. Or, switch it up a little and dip Parisien Rusk Bread into Cheese Dip – all low-carb and high-protein, of course!

Pair it with tomato soup.

The best friend of grilled cheese is tomato soup, and your grilled cheese sandwich does not have to be lonely just because you are losing weight. Try it with a side of Tomato Protein Soup to add 15 grams of protein for as little as 90 calories. It is a good strategy for getting fuller for hours, and if you choose Cream of Tomato Meal Replacement Soup for 160 calories, you will also be getting 25 essential vitamins and minerals.

Dress it up.

You can turn your grilled cheese into a gourmet sandwich with extra nutrients along with extra flavor. These are some ideas for bumping up the fullness factor with nutrients such as protein and fiber, while keeping fat, carbs, and calories in check.

  • Add turkey bacon and tomato.
  • Make it Greek with non-fat feta and spinach.
  • Turn up the heat with jalapenos.
  • Slip in some grilled chicken or all-natural ham.
  • Use fat-free swiss and mushrooms.
  • Make it crunchy with Ranch Protein Potato Chips.

We love any reason to celebrate food, and even better when we can turn it into a weight loss extravaganza. That is certainly the case with National Grilled Cheese Month, so have a great April!

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