Weight Loss Recipes with Calorie-Free Mayonnaise

Weight Loss Recipes with Calorie-Free Mayonnaise 0

Creamy mayo may seem like a forbidden food when you are on a weight loss diet, but giving it cup can leave a hole in your diet. Do you really want to give up creamy salads, dips, and dressings in the name of weight loss? Walden Farms Calorie-Free Mayo lets you have your mayo and eat it, too, as you lose weight. Here are a few ways to use it.

Fantastic Flavors and Freedom

First, what is Walden Farms Calorie-Free Mayo? While regular mayo has 90 calories and 10 grams of fat per tablespoon, Walden Farms Calorie-Free Mayo, as its name promises, is calorie-free. It is carb-free, sugar-free, and fat-free. Eat up! Try it in the following flavors.

  • Amazing classic flavor
  • Chipotle with smoky accents
  • Honey Mustard with a sweet kick
  • Pomegranate with a refreshing fruity aroma
  • Ranch with herbs

Each jar has 24 servings. Buy them one at a time or in the five-flavor Variety Pack.

Prepared Salads

The summer picnic season begins on Monday with Memorial Day. Are you ready for the prepared salads that are practically required at picnics and barbecues? A scoop or two of the standard mayo-laden creamy salads such as potato, pasta, and coleslaw can have hundreds of calories and untold fat grams, but you can use Walden Farms Calorie-Free Mayo to turn the salads into guilt-free treats.

Here are a few salads that can use Walden Farms Calorie-Free Mayo.


Walden Farms Calorie-Free Mayo can also be the hero at snack time when you use it for dips. Blend it with cream cheese and/or sour cream to create your low-carb base, then flavor it as you choose. Try it with spinach, artichokes, and grated parmesan cheese, or with shredded cheddar cheese and diced tomatoes and onions. Then, pair your dip with raw vegetables or Protein Chips for a low-carb, delicious snack.

Salad Dressings

Few things are more frustrating than choosing salads to lose weight, then finding out that the dressing is turning them into such high-calorie fare that you might as well have had a plate of french fries instead. You can use Walden Farms Calorie-Free Mayo to create your own low-calorie dressings. For example, make ranch dressing with buttermilk, lemon juice, sour cream, diced shallots and dill, minced green onion and garlic, and black pepper, or you can make Green Goddess dressing with anchovies, tarragon, green onion, and parsley.

Walden Farms Calorie-Free Mayo can add creaminess and flavor to your daily menu, making it easier to stick to the plan and lose weight. Be sure to try the other calorie-free Walden Farms sauces, dips, and dressings to see how else you can save on calories without compromising on taste.

Pasta: Star of Your Low-Carb Dinner

Pasta: Star of Your Low-Carb Dinner 0

What would you have for dinner if carbohydrates and weight loss were not factors? Pasta is at the top of the list for many dieters, but it is off limits if you are watching your carbs, counting calories, or looking for protein as the centerpiece. Enter The BariatricPal Store’s collection of Protein and Low-Carb Pasta with varieties that include low-carb, high-protein, high-fiber, and low-calorie. You can make your dream pasta dinner and eat it, too!

Spaghetti and Meatballs

What better place to start than in childhood with spaghetti and meatballs? Organic Soybean Spaghetti can fill you up with 10 grams of fiber and 21 grams of protein, but there is nothing to feel guilty about. It has only 9 grams of net carbs. Make your favorite recipe, swapping out fatty ground beef for lean ground turkey or vegetarian sausage, and notice how it tastes even better without a side of guilt. Each package has 4 servings.


If “low-carb” does not do it for you, what about, “carb-free?” Impastable Penne with 0 grams of net carbs and 55 calories can fit into even the most restrictive of low-carb diets. Try it baked with eggplant, tomato sauce, and parmesan, or toss it with olive oil, fish, and green beans. It comes in a single bag with 4 servings or a 6-bag pack.

Rotini Pasta Salad

Pasta salad can be a great-tasting, make-ahead, portable lunch, but what about those pesky carbs? Get rid of them when you use Impastable Rotini with 0 grams of net carbs. It has 55 calories and 36 grams of fiber to help keep you full all afternoon. Try it any way you like, such as:

  • Greek with feta cheese, olives, and cucumber
  • Creamy with yogurt, tuna, and tomatoes
  • Caprese with tomato, mozzarella, and basil
  • Hearty with chicken, artichokes, and parmesan
  • Southwestern with beans, salsa, cilantro, and corn

Impastable Rotini comes in a single bag with 4 servings or a 6-bag pack.

Cheesy Mac in Minutes

You do not need to be any kind of chef at all to enjoy low-carb mac and cheese. All you need to add to a pre-measured, single portion of Instant Protein Entrée – Cheesy Mac is water. It already has real cheddar, romano, and parmesan cheeses and is ready in minutes. The serving provides 12 grams of protein and has 220 calories. Have it on its own or toss it with cooked broccoli for extra fiber or canned tuna for extra protein. Each box has 3 single-serving packets.

Check our other Protein and Low-Carb Pasta choices to see what fits your meal plan and inspires you. Nothing feels as good as eating great and losing weight.

Weight Loss During March Madness

Weight Loss During March Madness 0

How many March Madness games are you planning to watch? What will you eat during them? You might regret it if you do not think about it ahead of time, but you can come out on top if you plan ahead. The BariatricPal Store has a few ideas for your hoops viewing parties so you can enjoy great food and stay healthy.

Mac and Cheese

Serve a pot of mac and cheese, and your guests will love you forever. Make it with low-carb noodles, and they will never know it is healthy. NutriNoodles Shirataki Pasta has no carbs and almost no calories. Make an extra cheesy, but healthy, version of macaroni and cheese with your choice of ingredients such as cream cheese, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, or your other favorites. Top with Pork Panko for a crunchy topping without carbs!

Chips and Dip

Admit it: a party is incomplete without chips and dip. That does not mean you need to eat starchy, fat-laden snacks at your party. Rather, try low-carb Protein Chips and Pretzels with healthier dips, such as salsa, guacamole, and hummus. You will skip most of the carbs and artery-clogging fats while chowing down with your friends.

Faux “Fried” Foods

Make your party the talk of the town with “fried” friends. Use Pork Rind Panko instead of high-carb breadcrumbs, then bake instead of fry your great foods. Try avocado sticks, zucchini fries, baked chicken, and panko mushrooms for hot apps to pass. Your friends, your taste buds, and your waistline will all thank you.

Chocolate Brownies

They may not be mandatory, but brownies can make a party seem perfect. Try Low-Carb Brownies with only 1 net carb each if you want to skip the guilt while you indulge. They have 5 grams of filling fiber, including prebiotic fiber. You can also try any of our Protein Cookies or bake your own goods with any of our Baking Mixes.

March Madness and other parties deserve a full selection of great-tasting foods, and there is no need for these parties to expand your waistline. Check The BariatricPal Store for low-carb, high-protein, great-tasting choices that you can serve to a crowd or keep for yourself.

Zero-Carb Bagels, Bread Pizza, and Pasta: A Dream Come True?

Zero-Carb Bagels, Bread Pizza, and Pasta: A Dream Come True? 0

What do you miss most on your weight loss or low-carb diet? Is it a toasted bagel for breakfast? A plate of pasta? What about a slice of pizza? Bring them all back with ThinSlim Zero Carb bread, bagels, and pasta! They have no carbs and tons of fiber, and they let you have the foods you love.

Bread and Buns

It is admirable if you are eating your burgers on lettuce leaves to avoid the carbs from the hamburger bun. Dipping celery sticks into peanut butter is a good diet move, too. But really, wouldn’t you rather have your juicy burger on a bun and your peanut butter in a sandwich? What about grilled cheese and tomato soup, toast with eggs, tuna on rye, and turkey sandwiches? Zero Carb Bread comes in Plain, Rye, Honey, and Everything flavors, plus Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns. Each slice of bread has 45 calories and 7 grams each of protein and fiber, and the buns have twice that amount.


What is your bagel fantasy? Cream cheese and smoked salmon? Ham, eggs, and cheese? Tuna salad? Zero Carb Bagels give you freedom with 90 calories, 14 grams of protein, 14 grams of fiber, and 0 grams net carbs each. Now you can have your Sesame, Plain, Cinnamon, and Everything bagels whenever you want and however you want, guilt-free.

Pizza Crust

When you say, “low-carb pizza,” do you mean a messy pile of cheese and sauce on a plate? You can do better with Zero Carb Pizza Crust! Each quarter of a pizza crust has 90 calories, 14 grams of protein, 14 grams of fiber, and 0 grams net carbs. In comparison, a slice of regular pizza crust has 30 grams of carbs. Now you can have low-carb pizza the traditional way, with tomato sauce, cheese, and your favorite toppings, or you can use your imagination and try combinations such as diced tomatoes, feta cheese, and spinach, or olive oil, garlic, chicken, and artichokes.


That plate, bowl, or casserole of pasta can destroy your diet on the spot, unless you choose Zero Carb Pasta. It is not only free from net carbs, but is packed with fiber so you can feel fuller for longer. Use the Elbows to make mac and cheese, Rotini to make tuna noodle casserole, Fettuccini for chicken alfredo, and Penne for baked pasta with meat sauce – all with 30, 50, or more grams of carbs less than if you made them with regular pasta. Make your favorite pasta and noodle dishes, casseroles, and soups, guilt-free.

How Do We Do It?

The magic is in the ingredients, such as oat fiber, olive oil, flaxseed meal, and natural sugar-free sweeteners such as stevia. There is no refined white flour or other blood sugar-spiking ingredients. Knowing that the ingredients are wholesome can make the whole experience even sweeter!

Spring Cleaning Food Swaps

Spring Cleaning Food Swaps 0

Spring is here, and that can mean that you are ready for spring cleaning. If you are a savvy dieter, you can use your cleaning spree to clean up your diet, too. Get rid of the foods you should not have, and replace them with ones that will encourage weight loss. Here are some of The BariatricPal Store’s ideas for healthy swaps with full flavor.

Spring Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

A salad with spring greens and fresh veggies sounds perfect, until you add up the calories from a regular recipe. Cut hundreds of calories by swapping low-cal Honey Mustard Dressing for regular dressing, and adding fresh tangerine segments instead of raisins or other dried fruit. For a crunch instead of fatty, starchy croutons or chow mein noodles, add high-fiber Ranch Protein Beans with 7 grams each of protein and fiber.

Pasta Primavera

Something that sounds so fresh and inviting can be so bad for you, unless you make some swaps. Keep as many fresh vegetables as you like, but take a hard look at the rest of your recipe. Use Protein Pasta instead of carb-laden regular spaghetti, and use Protein Cream of Mushroom Soup instead of cream for your base, and you can dig in, guilt-free.

Carrot Cake

A carrot is low in calories and packed with fiber, so where did carrots go so wrong? Glazed carrots and carrots with fatty dips are among the culprits. Carrot cake is another sugary, starchy, fatty food you just do not need. Instead, get your carrots in healthier ways.

Strawberry Shakes

Spring and strawberries go hand in hand, but you do not need the sugar and calories that come from strawberry pie (500 calories), a strawberry smoothie (50 grams of sugar), or strawberry shortcake (100 grams of carbohydrates). Instead, get your strawberry fix from reduced-sugar Protein Strawberry Shakes and Bars.

  • Strawberry Shakes and Puddings
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Protein Bars
  • Strawberry Kiwi Protein Fruit Drinks
  • Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothies

Make clean eating your goal this spring as you clean house, and you can see good results on the scale. Happy Spring!

Oh, the Weight Loss Possibilities with Low-Carb Pasta

Oh, the Weight Loss Possibilities with Low-Carb Pasta 0

Some people think of weight loss diets as a drag. The BariatricPal Store heartily disagrees. We think of them as an opportunity to eat better, get creative, and learn about new, healthier options that are just as satisfying. Case in point: Shirataki Noodles.

Freedom for Your Meal

When you start with a serving of pasta that has less than 30 calories and is carb-free, you have a lot of freedom when building the rest of your meal. You can add in some healthy protein, healthy fats, and even high-fiber carbs, and still come out with a low-calorie meal. This is exactly the point of choosing one of the Shirataki Noodle varieties of Zeroodle Pasta.

Shirataki Yam Noodles

Shirataki Noodles are made with konjac flour from the root of the konjac yam. They have no fat and hardly any carbohydrates – just a few grams of fiber. Each serving has only 28 calories. It sounds too good to be true, and that may be why people call them a miracle.

Pasta Favorites Minus the Carbs

You can try Shirataki Noodles in your favorite recipe or in a stir fry, or try adding ingredients such as the following combinations with less than 200 to 300 calories per serving, but a wallop of fiber and protein.

  • Tomato sauce and ground turkey meatballs with a touch of parmesan cheese on top.
  • Cottage cheese, cinnamon, and apples.
  • Spaghetti bake with pureed pumpkin, cheddar cheese, and broccoli florets.
  • Tuna noodle casserole with Cream of Mushroom Protein Soup for extra protein.

Rice, Soup, and Even Breakfast

The possibilities are nearly limitless when you have low-calorie Shirataki Pasta. Try any of the following, and use them as a springboard for your own weight loss ideas.

  • Broth or Chicken Protein Bouillon, vegetables, and beans or chicken for a hearty soup.
  • Eggs, mushrooms, and spinach (pasta for breakfast!).
  • Beans and cheese or chicken with salsa for a naked burrito.
  • Egg, shrimp, snow peas, carrots, and diced bell peppers for fried rice.

Weight Loss Magic in Seconds

Shirataki noodles just need to be drained and rinsed before you use them. They come in spaghetti, fettuccini angel hair, penne, and even rice shapes. Each package contains four servings. You can choose from a 1-pack, 3-pack, or 6-pack of each shape, or choose the Variety Pack.

Having low-calorie pasta and rice options gives you freedom to put together the nutritious, filling meals you need to lose weight and stay satisfied. Use your imagination and Shirataki Noodles to put together hearty and healthy meals every day.

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