Vegetable Chili and Your Shrinking Waistline

Vegetable Chili and Your Shrinking Waistline

Alex Brecher

What are your biggest weight loss challenges? Hunger? Giving up foods you love? Portion control? Lack of time to cook? No more need these get in the way of your grand weight loss plans. The BariatricPal Store has great-tasting, easy-to-prepare, high-protein foods to satisfy every craving any time of the day. Consider High-Protein Vegetable Chili Light Entrée.

Vegetarian Protein-Packed Chili

Each serving of High-Protein Vegetable Chili Light Entrée contains 15 grams of protein. Protein is a filling nutrient that can delay hunger for hours as it slows digestion and stabilizes blood sugar. Protein takes more energy to digest than carbs and fat, and protein is also necessary for maintaining lean muscle mass as you lose weight to maintain your metabolism. This chili has 100% plant-based, vegan protein.

Great Ingredients and Taste

A hearty bowl chili may not seem to fit into a weight loss plan when you consider the calories and fat in a typical serving, but you do not need to give it up to lose weight. High-Protein Vegetable Chili Light Entrée may be a “diet meal,” but you would not guess it from its taste and ingredients. It has a warm, barely spicy flavor of cumin, onion, and chili flavorings, and is made with real red beans, red bell peppers, and tomatoes.

Nutrition for Weight Loss

“Control” is the name of the game with weight loss; in particular, calorie control and portion control can be the most rewarding. Each serving of High-Protein Vegetable Chili Light Entrée has only 100 calories, and you never need to worry about portions since it comes in single-serving packets. Enjoy the chewy chunks of “beefy” soy protein, knowing you are having a cholesterol-free meal that is also free from saturated fat.

Instant Snack or Meal

A bowl of High-Protein Vegetable Chili Light Entrée can be ready in seconds with just water and your microwave or stove. Have it as a meal or snack whenever the mood strikes. It can be a complete meal or snack on its own, or you can get creative with some healthy combos. For example…

  • Use it as a topping for Protein Chips to make nachos.
  • Top it with fat-free sour cream and low-fat cheese.
  • Pour it on a baked potato and add chopped broccoli.

Each box of High-Protein Vegetable Chili Light Entrée contains seven individually-packaged servings.

The BariatricPal Store has other Protein Entrees, from Nacho Cheese Pasta to Sloppy Joe to Vegan Chicken Curry. They are all high in protein and flavor, and low in calories and carbs, to help keep you excited about your diet. After all, weight loss can be fun!

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