Your Healthy Christmas Breakfast at The BariatricPal Store

Your Healthy Christmas Breakfast at The BariatricPal Store

Alex Brecher

Christmas is this week. What are you going to have when you wake up and after the presents are opened? A leisurely breakfast or brunch with all the traditional Christmas fare can quickly put a damper on this magical day, as the excess of calories and carbs may leave you feeling heavy and lethargic. 

We have great news. You can have favorite flavors of Christmas in lower-carb, lower-calorie versions. These are some ideas for breakfasts that are better for weight loss, and easy to make. 

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls, coffee cakes, danishes, and other baked breakfast treats are traditional on Christmas, and traditionally high in fat, starch, and sugar. Instead of spending 500 calories and a day’s worth of sugar on a danish, why not use low-carb, high-protein Baking Mixes? You can have your favorites without so much sugar or starch.

These are some possibilities.

  • Cinnamon rolls filled with cinnamon, sugar substitute, and sugar-free pudding.
  • Coffee cake with plain yogurt and topping made from pecans, sugar substitute, and oil.
  • Danishes with cream cheese or fresh fruit.

Pancakes and Waffles

Pancake Mixes from The BariatricPal Store can give you the chance to get the griddle going without committing to a stack of pancakes with 60 grams of pancakes. Choices include regular, chocolate chip, blueberry, and more. Dress them up with your own additions, such as sliced banana or diced apples and cinnamon, and top with ricotta, fresh fruit, cottage cheese, or any of your other healthy favorites. Egg whites are a perfect and easy accompaniment.


Breakfast casseroles are notorious diet disasters and it is easy to see why when you consider ingredients such as fatty sausage, creamy soups, and fried potatoes. Lighten it up a bit by going with turkey sausage, Protein Soup, and cauliflower or winter squash, and it will still be just as tasty. Low-fat cheese is a great topping.

Hot Drinks

Savoring a hot drink from the moment you get up until the family is ready to leave in the late morning can turn Christmas from good into great. Smooth-tasting, regular or decaf Acid-Free Coffee is the thing to try if you have heartburn or indigestion, or if you have had weight loss surgery and cannot have acidic beverages. You can turn plain coffee into flavored coffee beverages with your favorite sugar-free sweetener and sugar-free syrups.

Hot Protein Drinks offer a protein boost for the morning, as well as a ready-made blend of great flavors without sugar. Try all manner of hot chocolate, from plain and marshmallow to mint and amaretto. Mocha is another option.

A day with your family is something to celebrate, not dread, and starting it off right with a healthy breakfast can make it that much sweeter. Enjoy your day!

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