Bariatric Post Op Success on the Holidays

Bariatric Post Op Success on the Holidays

Alex Brecher

Did you know that you can follow your bariatric surgery post-op diet, even on the holidays? And it can be a fun experience with foods you love? That’s right. Even though the bariatric surgery post-op diet is restrictive and tough, we have tons of low-carb and high-protein foods that you can have on the holidays, guilt-free and full of fun. 

Delicious Treats for the Big Day

Whatever is on the menu on the holiday, you can have something equally delicious but way more nutritious. Some traditional foods are just fine. You may be able to handle skinless turkey, for example, if you are already up to eating solid foods. 

For the rest of the meal, you may need to bring your own - and we have some ideas. These are all instant meals, sides, or desserts that you can make in minutes and that fit into a bariatric surgery diet.

You can also swap ingredients to make recipes healthier. Crushed Pork Rinds or Low-Carb Crackers can swap for breadcrumbs and Protein Cream of Mushroom Soup can go into green bean casserole, for example.

Guilt-Free Snacks

It seems like food is everywhere during the holidays. You may run across chips and dip, appetizers in dough, cheese and crackers, cookies, candies, and more. You can indulge in all of these on your post-op diet, but only if you choose well. These are some choices.

Bariatric Vitamins

Most surgeons recommend taking Bariatric Vitamins daily for life, since nutrient needs can increase at the same time that you are reducing nutrient absorption and intake of nutritious foods. Bariatric Vitamins can be even more important during the holidays if you are experiencing more stress or are having trouble eating as well. 

Whatever needs you have for Bariatric Vitamins, we can help.

Bariatric-Friendly Gifts

Whether gifting yourself, choosing for another weight loss surgery patient, or making your own wish list, don’t forget to ask for gifts that can support weight loss! A BariatricPal Store Gift Card opens the door to future healthy purchases of all types. A subscription to the BariatricPal Box of the Month Club can help maintain motivation for the whole year. And Vitamin Patches, Lip Balm, Sugar-Free Chocolates, and single-serve packets of Protein Powder can be great stocking stuffers.

The holidays can be challenging after weight loss surgery because of all the foods that are not allowed on a post-op diet, but we are trying to change that. The BariatricPal Store has all kinds of sugar-free, high-protein, and keto-friendly choices that taste so good, you will not miss the usual sugar-laden, starchy, fattening fare. Browse the aisles to see how delicious and healthy your holidays can be after bariatric surgery!

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