Cave into Cravings Part 3: Sweet and Salty

Cave into Cravings Part 3: Sweet and Salty

Abegail Fernandez

A craving can put you into a weight loss plateau if you give into it without thinking, so do not! Instead, take a few seconds to consider these healthier alternative answers to common cravings. You can get your sweet and salty fixes without adding too many calories, carbs, or fat grams to your day, and The BariatricPal Store can help.

Protein Bars

Taste-wise, protein bars have a lot in common with candy bars and other sweet treats. They come in flavors from chocolate and peanut butter to caramel, coconut, vanilla, and lemon zest. They are sweet and satisfying. The difference is that Protein Bars are way better for weight loss, since they have more protein and less sugar. Choose your favorite flavors and textures, whether creamy, crispy, or chewy, and feel good about your sweet tooth.

Protein Cookies

What happens when the afternoon gets long and you just want something sweet to carry you through? Protein Cookies can do the trick way better than regular ones, since you will be skipping the excess of sugar, white flour, and saturated fats, and instead getting protein with a minimum of sugar. There is no need to compromise on taste or convenience, either. Enjoy ready-to-eat Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, or Biscotti in flavors such as Fudge Chip and Almond Chip.

Protein Pretzels

Remember when pretzels were considered a good alternative to chips? That was before their carbs and refined starches became such an issue. Now, you can keep eating those salty friends as long as you choose Protein Pretzels, available in regular, Cinnamon Toast, and Jalapeno Honey Mustard flavors and with 12 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. Bonus: they are gluten-free, too.

Protein Meat Snacks

When nothing else will do, a Protein Meat Snack can be the answer. Lower in fat and calories than a standard sausage stick, these meat snacks are nearly pure protein, along with flavor, such as Teriyaki, Spicy Pepper, and BBQ. Say farewell to plain beef and artificial ingredients with these all-natural snacks that include turkey, elk, and ostrich options.

Follow your sweet and salty cravings. Just make they lead you in the right direction, on a path with less sugar and more protein. It is all here at The BariatricPal Store!

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