Cave into Cravings Part 4: Chocolate

Cave into Cravings Part 4: Chocolate

Abegail Fernandez

We could not do a series on cravings without including a large segment on chocolate. It may be the most craveable flavor there is. It can also be one of the most dangerous, since it often comes in oversized packages along with fat, starches, and sugars.

The BariatricPal Store would never expect you to lose weight without chocolate. In fact, we have all kinds of ways for you to get your fix while keeping your diet low in sugar and high in protein.

Liquid Chocolate…Hot or Cold

Forget liquid gold. It’s time for liquid chocolate! Skip the milkshake with 100 or more grams of sugars, and look through our assortment of Chocolate Shakes instead. Many of them have 80 to 120 calories and almost no sugar, while giving you 12 to 15 or more grams of protein. Choose single-serving powder packets or ready-to-shake bottles, or multi-serving tubs.

A virtual stroll down our Hot Protein Drinks aisle may in store if sipping on a hot drink is more to your liking. Choose from classic hot chocolate or hot cocoa with marshmallows or hints of almond, raspberry, or mint. You can even find Irish cream and cinnamon-flavored cocoa.

Pure Chocolate

Sometimes, there is no substitute for a chocolate bar, plain and simple. That is why we offer BariatricPal Protein Chocolate Bars. They come in plain chocolate, white chocolate, and with crispies. They taste so good that you may not even notice that they are different from regular chocolate bars until you lose weight while eating them. Each bar has at least 10 grams of protein and no more than 160 calories.

Creamy and Crunchy Chocolate

Creamy cravings? Crunchy cravings? Can’t decide? We have the answer to both! Dig your spoon into Chocolate Protein Pudding, whether you choose classic, sweet chocolate, rich dark chocolate, or chocolate chip with marshmallows. Each packet has 12 to 15 grams of protein and 80 to 120 calories, and is ready in minutes.

For a crunchy chocolate fix, you cannot go wrong with Cocoa Protein Cereal. Keep it chocolate to the core with cocoa O’s, or add some other flavors with caramel chocolate granola or berries n’ chocolate crunch. They are all low in sugar and high in protein, so you can assume your day is starting off right both in flavor and nutrition.

Classic Desserts

A good dessert can put a satisfying end to your meal or day, so why give it up when you are trying to lose weight? We have an alternative if you are worried about a calorie count of 300 to 500 from chocolate cake, brownie, or cookie. Look through our collection of cookies, brownies, and cake mix to find High Protein Favorites such as chocolate chip cookies, soft-baked brownies, and double chocolate cake. They have up to 15 grams of protein, and well under 200 calories.

Chocolate and Friends

Chocolate makes everything better, so choose your favorite flavors and add chocolate! That is how we developed many of our Protein Bars. Whether you like caramel, coconut, peanuts, or graham crackers, you can find them with a rich chocolate coating. You can even get your peanut butter and jelly with chocolate!

There is no reason to deprive yourself on a weight loss diet, and we have the answers to your cravings. If it’s chocolate you are after, be assured that you can get your fill in any form you like, without going off your meal plan. Enjoy!

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