Top 10 Fall Drinks (Weight Loss Included)

Top 10 Fall Drinks (Weight Loss Included)

Alex Brecher

Fall brings flavors of pumpkin, spices, and apples, but many favorite fall beverages are so high in sugar that they may not fit into a sensible weight loss diet. Instead, these top 10 fall drinks are low in calories and free from (or nearly free from) added sugars, but absolutely delicious.

  • Pumpkin Spice Protein Latte
  • A pumpkin spice latte from a local coffee shop can have over 50 grams of sugar, while BariatricPal Pumpkin Spice Protein Latte has only 2 grams of added sugars. Plus, has 15 grams of protein. Just add hot water or warm unsweetened almond milk.

  • Protein Hot Chocolate
  • Sugar-Free Protein Hot Chocolate has 15 grams of protein and all the satisfaction of regular hot chocolate. Choose from Regular, Mint, Marshmallow, Amaretto, and more flavors.

  • Protein Cappuccino
  • A sugar-free, creamy, rich cappuccino can get you ready for the day when it has caffeine, or be your decaffeinated after-dinner companion as you wind down. These protein-packed beverages come in Decaf, Classic, Amaretto, and Vanilla.

  • Acid-Free Organic Coffee
  • Acid-free coffee is the top choice of bariatric surgery patients because of their greater risk for acid indigestion and heartburn. Alex’s Acid-Free Coffee is available in Whole Bean and Fresh Ground versions of Decaf and Regular. Give it your own flair by adding calorie-free Walden Farms Creamer in Caramel, Mocha, French Vanilla, Original, Hazelnut, and Sweet Cream.

  • Decaf Chai Tea
  • With 18 grams of protein and 5 grams of dietary fiber, Decaf Chai Tea is both filling and delicious. You can give it a creamy, fall twist with pumpkin and Calorie-Free Sweet Cream creamer.

  • Caramel Apple Protein Shake
  • Do you miss caramel apples from the county fair or from a Halloween party? This recipe can give you your caramel apple fix with only a few of the 30 grams of sugar a caramel-covered apple may have. Just blend an apple with Vanilla Protein Powder, unsweetened almond milk, Walden Farms Calorie-Free Caramel Creamer, and, if you want, ice.

  • Apple Pie Protein Shake
  • This is just like inhaling an apple pie, but without the excess carbs, saturated fat, and sugar from the crust and added sugar. Just shake up Vanilla Protein Powder, an apple, cinnamon, and unsweetened almond milk or plain Greek yogurt. 

  • Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake
  • This satisfying shake gets its thickness from pureed pumpkin. Be sure to use canned pumpkin and not canned pumpkin pie filling, which is laden with sugar. To make the shake, blend unsweetened almond milk with Vanilla Protein Powder, canned pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground cloves.

  • Cinnamon Green Tea
  • BariatricPal Energy Boost Drink - Green Tea offers a lift in energy and focus, and that is something everyone can use during the fall. Adding cinnamon brings out the sugar-free sweetness of the tea, plus it can help stabilize blood sugar levels. Just steep a cinnamon stick in water before adding the Green Tea mix.

  • Apple Spice Green Tea
  • BariatricPal Energy Boost Drink - Green Tea to energize your day, plus it has the flavors and comfort of hot apple cider without the extra sugar. Just simmer a piece of ginger, a cinnamon stick, and some cloves in water for about 20 minutes before removing them. Then use that flavored hot water to make your Energy Boost Green Tea.

    You can have the flavors of fall and still lose weight. The BariatricPal Store can help. Each of our Top 10 picks for fall drinks is bariatric-friendly and delicious. Stop by our store for more high-protein, sugar-free treats for faster weight loss in this and every season.

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