Weight Loss Winners for Super Bowl LII

Weight Loss Winners for Super Bowl LII

Alex Brecher

Super Bowl LII will be held on Sunday. The biggest football day of the year is also the biggest pizza delivery day of the year, and a top eating day, second only to Thanksgiving. Are you ready with your weight loss plan?

The prospect of being trapped, for the duration of a football game and halftime show, in a room with unlimited, high-calorie fare is enough to make anybody who is trying to lose weight quake in their boots. Your only defense, besides isolating yourself in a remote cave during the game, is to have healthier options available. Here are our high-protein, low-sugar picks.

Take a Dip

Do you really want to down 1,000 calories in the first few minutes after you walk in the door? If not, skip the chips, crackers, and fatty dips in favor of raw vegetables and guacamole or Protein Dips such as Protein Salsa, Protein BBQ Sauce, or Protein Veggie Dip with 9 grams of protein per serving. This may be one exciting kickoff!

Meaty Treats

Pigs in blankets have more fat and carbohydrates than protein, while sliders tend to be as satisfying as an appetizer and as calorie-laden as a main course. No, thanks! Make your own first-quarter waves with high-protein, low-carb treats, the way meat is supposed to be. Try making pigs in blankets with low-fat turkey links and Low-Carb Baking Mix, and meatballs with ground turkey and Protein BBQ Sauce.

Slide into Halftime

Thick, hearty chili can warm you up while the game is being played in the sub-freezing temperatures in Minnesota, but the nutrition facts of tailgate chili can have a chilling effect. A smarter move may be low-carb, high-protein Instant Chili Entrees with turkey or beans and vegetables. It could be a halftime show you’ll never forget.

Pretzels and Cheese Sauce

Pretzels and cheese sauce are standard fare for stadium and armchair fans alike, but you may not be cheering much when you feel the effects of the starch and fat. Skip the bloat, but keep the fun with Protein Pretzels and 5-ingredient instant Protein Cheese Dip. Or, use your cheese sauce for nachos with Protein Chips instead of fried, starchy tortilla chips. This can be a game-changing play!

Fresh-Baked Brownies

Why would you subject yourself to sugary, fatty brownies when you could make a fresh-baked Protein Brownie in a couple minutes? It has a quarter the sugar and 5 times the protein as a standard brownie, yet still has a rich chocolatey taste. It’s a victory!

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