National Pickle Appreciation Day

National Pickle Appreciation Day

Alex Brecher

Today is National Pickle Appreciation Day, and boy, do we have the treat for you. Kay’s Naturals Chickpea Pass the Peas Dill Snack will make you appreciate the taste and crunch of dill pickles while delivering so much more!

The Pickle Problem

Dill pickles are delicious, no question. They are crunchy and satisfying. They are low in calories. So why do they seem so wrong? It may be because there is nothing positive about them. They are devoid of nutrition from protein to vitamins and minerals. Without nutrients, they are unlikely to fill you up for long. They could leave you hungry for another snack soon.

All they deliver is a whopping load of sodium, almost certainly more than you need and more than is good for you. A single pickle can have an entire day’s worth of sodium! With that kind of salt, you could even find yourself craving a sugary soda as a counterbalance!

Pickles with Protein and Healthy Ingredients

Get your pickle fix instead from a snack worth having. Chickpea Pass the Peas Dill Snack has 6 grams of protein to help tide you over until the next meal. They get their protein from superfoods like real chickpeas and peas. Flavoring comes from real garlic, dill, sea salt, and onion.

Crunchy Satisfaction without Guilt

A bag of potato chips is equivalent to a mixture of starch, grease, and salt. Can’t you get your crunchy snack from something other than fried white potatoes? Well, yes! Chickpea Pass the Peas Dill Snack is puffed and proud. These feel-good snacks are non-GMO, gluten-free, and free from trans fats.

Eat It Your Way

Each serving has only 80 calories, making it ideal as a small snack, but giving you room to add an accompaniment. You could dip your dill snacks in non-fat cream cheese or cottage cheese. Sprinkle crushed Chickpea Pass the Peas Dill Snack on a salad to give it more protein and flavor, or eat it with all-natural turkey breast for a small lunch or snack.

Kay’s Natural Chickpea Pass the Peas Dill Snack come in single bags and 6-bag packs. Each bag has 4 servings. Get a few so you can appreciate your pickles today and every day!

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