Weight Loss Help Delivered with These Bariatric Meal Plans

Weight Loss Help Delivered with These Bariatric Meal Plans

Abegail Fernandez

How frustrating is it to want to lose weight but not know what to eat? Do not let confusion stand in your way! Our Bariatric Meal Plans have sample menus and tons of tips for what to eat at any point in your weight loss journey, whether you are a bariatric surgery patient or not.

Liquid, Pureed, or Solids

You may be on a liquid diet before surgery or after, or if you are trying to get a good start on weight loss. After weight loss surgery, you’ll also need to work through a pureed foods and semi-solid foods diet before you get to eat a full solids diet. We have plans for all of those, along with appropriate calorie and protein counts for each stage

Plans for Any Goal

Are you losing weight before surgery? Have you made it to your maintenance diet after hitting goal? Are you trying to get back on track after straying a bit? We have the plan for you! We can even help you out if you are looking for the perfect Pouch Reset plan.

Easy Foods to Prep or Purchase

Our plans are easy to follow. They don’t require gourmet cooking. They are all based on a combination of store products that are ready-to-eat or ready in minutes, plus easy-to-prepare fresh, healthy foods. You can also go to our Healthy Breakfast, Healthy Lunch and Dinner, and Healthy Snack pages for ideas on how to vary the plans even more.

Be confident in your weight loss plan, and it will be easier to get started and stay on it. Make it easy and delicious, and the pounds will come off more easily than you may think. Our meal plans can keep you on the right track!

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