Mother’s Day Ideas for Weight Loss: Yes, It’s Possible!

Alex Brecher

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Are you ready? Do you know how to show your love and give thanks to your mom and any other mother figure in your life – or how to receive thanks and appreciation if you’re a mom – without gaining an ounce? Hint: you don’t have to deprive yourself.

These are some great-tasting, low-calorie ideas that can save you hundreds of calories or more compared to some traditional Mother’s Day fare. They can work for you whether you’re a weight loss surgery patient, a dedicated dieter, or a faithful maintainer. As a bonus, they’re easy to whip up, and the whole family can enjoy them.

Breakfast in Bed

Ahhh…breakfast in bed may be the first thing you think of when you think of pampering your mom. The next thing you may think of may be the scale. What happens when you add up bacon and cheese frittata, toast with butter and jam, a muffin, and creamy coffee? We lost count of the calories, carbs, and fat, but we’re pretty sure it’s a lot.

Just make some simple swaps for a breakfast that’s friendlier to your waistline. Try BariatricPal Protein Pancakes with fresh fruit and Greek yogurt, or opt for a little more of a homemade flair by mixing up some waffles using low-carb baking mix. If Mom’s into more of a savory breakfast flavor, try serving a vegetable or bacon and cheese Protein Omelet topped with a little melted cheese. There’s no reason to skip the creamy coffee; just add a little protein and get rid of the sugar by choosing Protein Cappuccino!

Picnic in the Park

A restaurant brunch may be the tradition, but it may be a tradition that helped the pounds pile on. Unless you’re certain you can pass up the bagels, muffins, steak, sausages, and bacon, you may be better off staying away from the buffet table. Instead, why not head to the park with a healthy picnic basket?

You can pack a basket of healthy treats that everyone will love. Start with the simple favorites, such as hard-boiled eggs, carrot sticks, fresh fruit, and Protein Pretzels and Chips. Then, consider a few healthified versions of picnic must-haves. Try a two-ingredient version of Mock Mashed Potatoes, pass around salads like Marinated Mushrooms, and add some crunch to veggies dogs by topping them with Sweet and Sour Slaw. These recipes are all high-protein, low-carb, and easy.

For dessert, consider sugar-free ice pops if you have a well-insulated bag. Otherwise, Protein Cookies are a treat for the whole family, and a guilt-free indulgence for you. It will be a feast you can eat!

We hope you enjoy these or other great-tasting meals as part of your Mother’s Day celebration with your loved ones around. Thank you to all the moms out there who do so much for so many people, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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