National Chocolate Pudding Day – Hooray!

National Chocolate Pudding Day – Hooray!

Abegail Fernandez

If you needed an excuse to dig into a creamy and delicious chocolate treat, we have one for you: National Chocolate Pudding Day, celebrated today, June 26. We do not suggest that you dive for any old chocolate pudding. Rather, skip the empty calories and excess sugar, and go for a guilt-free treat instead with BariatricPal Chocolate Protein Pudding.

No Compromise on Taste or Convenience

Chocolate pudding should be silky smooth, sweet, and luscious. That is how we created BariatricPal Chocolate Protein Pudding to be. It is easy to come by, too. Stash the single-serving packets anywhere and make them when you need them just by mixing them with 4 ounces of water. They make an ideal snack or dessert, and pair nicely with banana slices or Protein Cereal.

Nutritionals You Can Appreciate

You may be on the constant hunt for protein on your weight loss program, and BariatricPal Chocolate Protein Pudding can help. Each serving has 15 grams of this hunger-reducing nutrient to help you stay satisfied until your next meal or snack. You also get serious help hitting your vitamin and mineral goals for the day, with bone-building calcium, energy-supporting iron and B vitamins, immune-supporting vitamin C and zinc, and more!

Great for Any Diet Stage

Chocolate Protein Pudding can be a satisfying addition to any diet program, even if you are on a strict diet before or after weight loss surgery. It has only 90 calories, 1 gram of sugar, and 1 gram of fat. It fits into a pureed foods diet, and you can even enjoy it on a liquid diet just by adding extra water when you mix it up.

Change It Up with These Recipes

There’s nothing wrong with Chocolate Protein Pudding on its own, but you can always have fun with new flavors. These are just a few recipes you can try, and you can make up your own to suit your tastes.

They are low-carb, high-protein, and delicious, not to mention ready in minutes.

Never miss a chance to celebrate, lose weight, or treat yourself. You can do all three with Chocolate Protein Pudding. It is shelf-stable and come with 7 single-serving packets to the box.

Chocolate pudding is a great comfort food, and it is even more comforting when you know it can help you lose weight. Don’t miss out!

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