Weight Loss Diet Boring? No Way!

Weight Loss Diet Boring? No Way!

Abegail Fernandez

You can plan the most nutritionally balanced meal plans with a good amount of protein and just a few calories and carbs, but weight loss takes more than that. You are almost certain to fail if your plan is too bland or boring. The BariatricPal Store has all kinds of protections against boredom, from a full range of Protein Entrees to our multi-purpose Pasta Flavor Packs. We are especially proud of our Italian Salad Dressing.

Slash Calories from Salads

You may turn to salads for filling meals when you are trying to lose weight, but the wrong dressing can add hundreds of unwanted calories. You might as well just eat a cheeseburger or some nachos for all the good you are doing, unless you choose a lower-calorie dressing.

Italian Salad Dressing is fat free and has only 22 calories per packet, so your salad can stay low-calorie. Pile lettuce or other greens on a plate or in a bowl, add your favorite raw veggies such as tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, or sugar snap peas, and slip in some protein such as canned beans, tuna, or leftover ground turkey meatballs. Then toss with low-cal dressing, and enjoy!

Jazz up Your Easy Entrees

Cooking for yourself can help you lose weight because you know exactly what goes into you food, but there are a few possible problems. It can take too much time, or your food can turn out boring. Solve these problems by using Italian Salad Dressing in your entrees. For starters, try Chicken Stir Fry or Tastee Baked Chicken.

Prep Some Salads for Quick Sides and Lunches

Prepared salads can make excellent side dishes and lunches. You can make them ahead of time and pack them in your lunch sack or serve yourself right when you need them alongside some chicken, tuna, or Protein Soup. Just a few high-protein, low-carb recipes using Italian Dressing are Egg Salad, Dilled Green Beans, and Sweet and Sour Slaw.

Do not let yourself get bored with your diet if you want to be able to stick with it for the long term. With helpers like BariatricPal low-calorie salad dressings, you have all kinds of possibilities for tasty dishes that can keep you right on track.

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