Greasy Foods Made Over for Weight Loss

Greasy Foods Made Over for Weight Loss

Abegail Fernandez


Greasy foods are oh, so delicious, and oh, so bad for you. You may be able to put the out of your mind most days, but sometimes the urge sneaks up on you. In honor of National Greasy Foods Day, we’ve compiled a few greasy foods along with alternatives that you can enjoy as part of your everyday weight loss diet.

Potato Chips

The nice thing about potato chips is how replaceable they are. Choose Protein Potato Chips, Krinkles, or Zippers, and you can save on trans fat and extra grease, plus get a bonus dose of protein. You have no need to worry about missing out on your favorite flavors, since they come in classics including Ranch, BBQ, and Salt and Vinegar.

French Fries

The quintessential grease-laden food, you can usually see the grease coming through the bag before you even get to your car. Instead, try baked zucchini, carrot, or parsnip fries, or even roasted green beans. They’re all great as a side for a low-carb naked turkey burger patty, and if you are feeling truly decadent and want chili cheese fries, top zucchini fries with Vegetable Protein Chili and low-fat cheddar.


Pizza is so greasy that you might have used your napkin to blot the pools of excess oil off the top even before you were trying to lose weight! You are in luck, though, because there are tons of alternatives to a stuffed crust pizza with a day’s worth of saturated fat per serving.

Portabella pizzas with low-fat cheese

Cheeseless pizza on cauliflower crust

Pizza Protein Chips, Tasty Bites, or Veggie Puffs

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken may be finger-licking delicious, but – news flash – that goodness you’re licking off your fingers is grease. The starchy breadcrumbs coating your chicken or fish and the dipping sauce you’re using are not doing your waistline any favors, either. Slash fat and carbs with a Mock Fried Chicken, or if you are not ready to give up your thick breading, use Low-Carb Baking Mix instead of bread or flour. Check our Recipes for Protein Dips including BBQ, cheese-flavored, and sweet and sour.


Nachos have nearly everything: crunch, creaminess, starch, salt, and…grease! A satisfying makeover may be more feasible than you imagined when you use eggplant chips, roasted halved mini bell peppers, or Protein Rusk Bread instead of tortilla chips. Smother your base with Protein Cheese Sauce, and feel free to make your nachos “supreme” with ground turkey, olives, and fat-free sour cream.

One of the best parts about losing weight is that for every challenge, there is a solution. For every greasy food, there is a high-protein, low-fat counterpart that can fit into your diet. It can just take a little effort to find it.


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