Holiday Pancake Brunch for Weight Loss

Holiday Pancake Brunch for Weight Loss

Abby Dean

The holiday season is in full swing, and healthy eating often goes out the window. Some of the main culprits are being too busy to cook well, lacking healthy and great-tasting alternatives, and being uninspired. Those are no longer excuses when you opt for pancake brunch at The BariatricPal Store!

A regular pancake breakfast can easily contain over 1,000 calories and load you down with hundreds of grams of carbs and 100 grams of fat. No, thank you! Have your friends or family over for a holiday get-together, and get in the pleasure and satisfaction while skipping the guilt by starting with Protein Pancakes.

Pancakes at the Center

We believe pancakes should slim you down, not fill you out. Skip the pancakes with 20 or more grams of carbs per serving, and opt instead for Protein Pancakes. They have 15 to 20 grams of protein no matter which flavor you get, from Classic and Chocolate Chip to Cinnamon Apple and Blueberry. You will not need to spend hours getting ready for your brunch, since these instant mixes take only minutes to prepare.

Just Like the Real Thing

When you start with Protein Pancakes, you can have brunch just like the real thing…but without doing damage to your waistline. You can:

  • Whip up a batch of Protein Pancakes, and add your favorite fixin’s. Just be sure to choose the right ones. For example:
  • Serve fresh fruit instead of jam.
  • Top your pancakes with sugar-free syrup and Greek yogurt instead of regular syrup and butter.
  • Cook up some instant Protein Omelets instead of serving sides of bacon or and eggs.
  • Try baked sweet potato slices instead of hash browns.

Protein Pancakes – with a Twist

You can stave off holiday blues and have a hearty brunch even if pancakes aren’t your thing. You can make the healthiest and possibly best-tasting doughnuts you’ve ever had by combining Protein Pancake mix with eggs, fat-free sour cream, and milk, and baking your doughnuts or doughnut holes in the oven. Or, make a treat inspired by carrot cake by baking a blend of Carrot Spice Pancake Mix with eggs and milk, and topping the bars with a mixture of fat-free cream cheese beaten with vanilla Greek yogurt and your choice of sweetener.

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