What Is a Pouch Reset Diet?

What Is a Pouch Reset Diet?

Alex Brecher

Have you experienced weight regain after you successfully lost weight following weight loss surgery? It is certainly common, and unbelievably frustrating. One solution may be a pouch reset diet. A Pouch Reset Diet is a diet plan that is intended to help your pouch “reset” itself to the way it was right after bariatric surgery. 

Why Follow a Pouch Reset Diet?

Many people who follow a pouch reset diet choose to because they believe that it can help them reverse weight regain after losing weight. You may want to follow a pouch reset diet if you believe that your pouch has stretched since bariatric surgery, or if you have lost touch with the hunger and fullness signals that may have been stronger after surgery. You may be considering a Pouch Reset diet if you are experiencing weight regain. 

How to Follow a Pouch Reset Plan

You can follow a pouch reset plan by starting at the beginning and moving forward from there. That can mean following the stages of the post-op diet progression that you may have followed after your initial procedure.

  • Clear liquids.
  • Full liquids, including protein shakes and meal replacement shakes.
  • Pureed foods, such as pureed cottage cheese, yogurt, watery mashed sweet potatoes, and pureed ground turkey.
  • Semi-soft foods, such as tuna, cooked carrots and green beans, beans, and tofu.
  • Solid foods, such as chicken, vegetables, and fruit.

Pouch Reset Diet Plans

It can be easier to follow a pouch reset diet if you have a specific meal plan to follow. The BariatricPal Store has a few different Pouch Reset Meal Plans for you to try. You could try the 48-Hour Pouch Reset Plan as a quick way to get back to basics.

Or, you could opt for the 9-Day or 2-Week Pouch Reset Plan. These are longer plans that give you a chance to get through each stage of the post-op diet progression in an accelerated way. That is, you drink clear liquids, then full liquids, and then progress to pureed foods, semi-soft foods, and finally solid foods. It can help retrain you to measure portions, eat foods that are on your bariatric surgery diet, and stop eating before you get overfull.

Other Tips for a Pouch Reset Diet

There are some other considerations when following a pouch reset diet to help make it more effective and safer.

  • Drink plenty of water or other hydrating, low-calorie fluids. 
  • Choose convenient, easy-to-prepare or ready-to-use foods to make the plan easier to follow.
  • Remember to taste each bite and savor it.
  • Choose great-tasting foods to maintain motivation.
  • Keep taking your vitamins and minerals as your healthcare provider recommends.

Though weight regain after bariatric surgery can be frustrating, there is always hope. A pouch reset diet can help by reconnecting you with those feelings of fullness that may have been stronger right after surgery, and by re-establishing habits that may have contributed to weight loss in the first place. Just stop by our store for Pouch Reset Plans and the products that can help you succeed on them!

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