Boost Your Metabolism Naturally – Part 2

Alex Brecher

Are you ready for more easy and effective ways to burn more calories all day? These tricks will help you lose more weight and keep it off once you hit goal. Here are the tips! Don’t forget to check out Part 1 of this 2-part blog series for an introduction and the first couple ways to boost your metabolism naturally.

Stay Nourished with Vitamins and Minerals

They don’t have calories, so what do vitamins and minerals have to do with energy? A lot, actually! You need certain vitamins and minerals to be able to break down your food properly and keep your hormones in balance so you can keep burning those calories. You need other vitamins and minerals to keep your body functioning right. For example, if you’re low on iron, vitamin B12, or folate – like many weight loss surgery patients are – you can become anemic and exhausted, so you don’t burn as many calories.

A good multivitamin is like an insurance policy against deficiencies. Lots of weight loss patients and other dieters are deficient in iron, vitamin B12 and B complex, and calcium and vitamin D. You can make it easier by using pills, chewables, liquids, or a patch that goes on your skin. Ask your doctor which vitamins and minerals you should take.

Added bonus: Staying nourished can keep you healthy. Just a few of the benefits of getting the right vitamins and minerals include having stronger bones, lower risk for certain cancers, a stronger immune system, and even lower risk for heart disease.

Drink More (Water)

Drinking water is one of the most powerful weight loss tools you can use, and not just because it is calorie-free. Staying hydrated actually helps you burn more calories as your body processes the fluid. For an even bigger boost, add a little ice to your water sometimes.

Plain water is fine, but BariatricPal beverages do double duty. They support hydration and they give you hunger fighting nutrients. Go for protein drinks such as Hot Drinks and Fruit Drinks with up to 15 grams of protein, or focus on fiber instead with BariatricPal Fiber Drinks.

Added bonus: Staying hydrated and getting more protein and fiber also increases your energy levels and decreases hunger. That’s a delicious way to lose more weight!

Move More

We all know that your daily workout burns a nice chunk of calories, so do what you can to keep it up. What we’re learning now, though, is that the rest of the day matters, too. Sit all day at a desk without moving, and your metabolism slows to a crawl.

On the other hand, if you can move for even a minute or two each hour, you can keep your metabolism going nice and strong. Simple steps like taking the stairs, pacing the office while you’re on the phone, and walking across the building to talk to a coworker can be enough to give you significant benefits.

Added bonus: You’ll lower your risk of diabetes while staying more alert and energized.

Your body might try to fight your weight loss, but you can win by increasing your metabolism and burning more calories all day with the tips here and in Part 1 of the series. It’s not that hard, and we’re here to support you.

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