Keep Your “Diet” from Being a “Diet”

Alex Brecher

Diets don’t work. Long-lasting changes do. Sure, you can lose a few pounds or a lot of weight by following a crash or fad diet. And if you’re a weight loss surgery patient, you can’t help but lose several pounds in the first few months simply because of the restriction you feel and the strict diet you need to follow.

But long-term, weight loss surgery patient or not, the only way you can expect to hit goal weight and stay there is to move away from “dieting” and towards “living.” No matter how dedicated you are to losing weight, your meals need to fit into your life. For most of us, that means being easy, convenient, and delicious. We have good news for you: You can shop The BariatricPal Store for the foods you need to make weight control a way of life.

Low-Carb Swaps to Control Cravings

It’s natural to cut out carbs like cereal, potato, and pasta when you’re trying to lose weight. That’s an effective strategy, but it’s not very sustainable. Sooner or later, whether it’s months or years later, you are almost sure to want those carbs back. The problem is, you may find the pounds piling back on as soon as you get back to your old habits and add those carbs back in…but there’s a better option!

Stay satisfied but skip the heavy-duty carbs morning, noon, and night with BariatricPal meals. They’re lower in carbs, and packed with protein to balance hormones and keep blood sugar from spiking compared to straight carbs. Whether you choose pancakes or cereal for breakfast, or pasta for lunch or dinner, you can count on a good dose of protein without the unnecessary carbs.

Sweet Treats to Keep Life Worth Living

The age-old debate is based on this question: why bother losing weight, getting healthy, and adding extra years to your life if you have to give up your favorite foods? We see it differently.

There is no reason to imagine a future without indulgent flavors such as chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter. Just check our store for bars, powders, and even protein cookies and cereal that taste like decadent treats but fit right into your weight loss plan.

Meals, Snacks and Bars for When You’re On the Go

Life is busy. You may have every waking hour planned days in advance, or you may find that things just tend to come up. Don’t let that throw you off your healthy living plan! When you keep healthy snacks stashed away in your kitchen, purse, car, gym bag, and office, you’re setting yourself up for success by staving off hunger without damaging runs to the vending machine.

What to stash? You can try canned tuna, Greek yogurt, cheese sticks, nuts, and meat jerky for a little protein. Low-carb pretzels, chips, and BariatricPal protein bars can also do the trick. They can satisfy the munchies, boost your energy, and keep you right on track to hit your weight loss goals.

There’s no need for gourmet cooking, at mealtime, either. Our cold breakfast cereals are ready to eat, while our hot breakfasts, pastas, and lunch and dinner entrees are ready in minutes. All you need to add is water! They’re shelf stable, so you can keep them in the pantry until you are ready to use them.

Weight loss and maintenance are tough, but you can make things much easier on yourself. Eat the foods you love without guilt or spending hours in the kitchen, and you’ll realize that yes – you can do this!

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