Lose Weight with Protein Soup on Any Diet Plan

Abby Dean

With the nippy fall weather, who doesn’t crave the occasional bowl of warm soup? It warms you up inside and out, giving you a little protection against the chill in the air. Here is how you can use soup for weight loss and enjoy each spoonful to the fullest.

Know the Bad, Choose the Good Soup

As with most foods when you are on a diet, you need to be careful when choosing soup and anything that goes with it. An order of creamy or cheesy soup can have 300 to 500 calories before adding toppings such as croutons or cheese. A broth-based soup can be lower in calories unless it’s laden with pasta or rice, but you may miss out on protein and leave the table about as hungry as you were when you got there.

Protein Soup is an option that solves these problems. Each serving comes with 15 grams of protein and only 70 to 100 calories. They are pre-packaged so you can take them anywhere, and you can make them in minutes using water and a stove or microwave.

Protein Soup on a Liquid Diet

Protein soup can be a warm welcome on a liquid diet. As great-tasting as they may be, sweet Protein Shakes and cold Fruit Protein Drinks can get a little boring after a while as you prepare for or recovery from bariatric surgery. Protein soups can provide a nice contrast with their hot liquid and savory flavors.

Hearty Protein Soup to Your Tastes

If you are into one-bowl meals, you can have a high-protein, high-fiber, filling meal within minutes. Start with a protein soup and add your favorite cooked vegetables and protein. If your meal plan calls for it, you can also add a cooked whole grain or starchy vegetable. These are a few combos you might try.


Make It a Meal

When you are several months past weight loss surgery or are at goal weight and maintaining it, you may be eating 1,500, 2,000, or even more calories per day, especially if you are very active. Meals might have 400 to 500 or more calories, and soup may be just one part of your meal. Create a meal with a protein soup and one or two other components, and you can enjoy a filling meal that keeps you energized for hours.

One way to make soup part of your meal is to use it as a starter. Starting your meal with a chunky soup can help you eat less at that meal because it curbs hunger before your main course. Try any of our soups with a half-cup of cooked vegetables before your meal.

You can also serve your soup with a sandwich or salad, and pack a few antioxidants into your meal by finishing off with your favorite fruit.

  • Try the classic grilled cheese and tomato soup combo using high-fiber bread and low-fat cheese paired with any of our tomato soups including Italian Tomato, Cream of Tomato, Cream of Tomato Meal Replacement, or Tomato Bouillon.
  • Serve your favorite soup with Parisien Protein Rusk Bread topped with low-fat tuna salad.
  • Balance your hot soup with a cool salad of fresh greens, juicy berries, filling beans or chicken, and crunchy nuts.

Protein soup can be one of your best friends when you are losing weight. The protein helps reduce hunger for hours, while its low calorie count lets it fit into even the most strict diets. You never need to worry about long cooking times or boredom when you try shelf-stable BariatricPal Protein Soups, so take a look and stock up on your favorite flavors today!

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